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Thread: Do I have OALD/over supply sorry very confused Mummy

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    Default Do I have OALD/over supply sorry very confused Mummy

    Hi There
    Well our breastfeeding Journey story is so long so please bear with me as i try to shorten its. My Baby Boy is almost 6 months and almost 19 pounds a big boy we have been struggling with reflux since about 4 weeks.
    Basically our issues started out straight away when my boy had a tongue tie but despite this i had been doing everything i could to feed him right but made the mistake of switching sides constantly my milk came in very fast and ALOT the midwife said i was producing enough for triplets, So we had the tongue tie divided at 4 weeks thinking this was the cause of all the fussy behaviour and excess wind but the Lactation consultant said actually it was Reflux and to see the GP. In the mean time i had really bad OALD and the pressure of my letdown actually hurt despite tongue tie my baby had a hell of a suck on him even though the latch was not right. So i read about OALD and block fed to help this and my boy (it seemed to help alot) unfortunately feeding still was hard and at 12 weeks found out at breastfeeding clinic the my boy was still tongue tied (it had re attached) so it was re divided and the LC told me to stop block feeding and offer both breasts which little man was happy to take, well we are still battling reflux but medications have not helped and all the health professionals said he is not a 'typical refluxer' because he has put on weight so well despite all the vomiting, but it occurred to me recenltly that i still leak and my let down is still a very immense pressure and a fast spray if little man comes off, but as he is now better at handling it i thought it had stopped being so fast and also my boobs are never engorged,but my little man has definitely become more and more sick after feeds since stopping block feeding and offering both sides, i'm so unsure anyone help???could i have a supply problem?? x

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    Default Re: Do I have OALD/over supply sorry very confused Mummy

    I have to pack up and go pick up my babies after work, so I'll say this briefly and then maybe I can get back on later to try and help more.

    - Reflux babies can nurse extra for comfort, to try and soothe themselves because of the pain. This can lead to excess weight gain (not that your baby has excessively gained, just that he seems like he's probably a chubby little monkey).

    - It definitely sounds like you have OALD. What positions do you nurse in? Now that he's older and probably has better head control, would you consider trying to kind of sit him up in your lap and let him nurse that way? You can also try "reclined" nursing, where you lean back and your baby lies on top of you to nurse.

    - I don't see why you couldn't go back to a modified block feeding. I'm confused as to why the LC said to stop if things were going fine. Have his poops turned green again? Anyway, I'd go ahead and try just offering one breast at each feeding, alternating each time. Do breast compressions to get the last of the hind milk. If he seems really hungry after he's been at the same breast for a while, you can then offer him the second. I will encourage my baby to nurse on the same breast for as long as possible, and most times she ends up being satisfied (I have oversupply too).

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Do I have OALD/over supply sorry very confused Mummy

    Thank you for quick reply, even though Harry seemed happy blockfeeding the LC didn't seem too keen on it and the fact i'd been doing it for 8 weeks approx.
    He sits pretty upright now to feed and i usually recline a bit, but no matter whether reclining or lying my little man has always ended up having a choke (although handles flow alot better now not perfect though)
    I know it sounds terrible but i am never too sure whether he's feeding for hunger or comfort. I was told by pediatrician at 16 week reflux appointment that 'i was over feeding and his tummy was not getting a rest and to feed 3 hourly daily 4 hourly nightly' this was tough as sometimes a feed would be the only thing to settle his discomfort, but we have made it to 3 hour feeds approx but today i started blockfeeding and he ended up 1 boob for 2 feeds he just seemed to mess about at one of his feeds and just kept bobbing on and off unsure if this was because boob was empty or if he just wasn't that hungry his poops aren't green again but he came off during let down and i was just so shocked at how hard and fast the spray was .. and then realised that his vomiting/reflux symptoms worsened ever since giving both boobs wondered whether just a coincidence

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