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Thread: When did you start your LO on solids?

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    Default When did you start your LO on solids?

    When did you start you LO on solids, and why?
    I'm a homeschooling, , mom!

    4/21/04 9lbs1oz FF due to hospital sabotage
    3/16/07 10lbs3oz FF bc of severe weight loss, lack of support
    11/02/10 7lbs14oz BF , supplemented 3oz formula/day for first 3 months due to supply issues. Now she's on all mommy's milk!

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    Default Re: When did you start your LO on solids?

    Both of mine were just under 6 months
    they showed all the readiness signs
    Proud mom of 2 boys, both weaned gradually and with love.

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    Default Re: When did you start your LO on solids?

    My daughter was 5 months. I was pressured and LO kept trying to steal my food. She didn't like it, so I stopped. Then she was 5 1/2 months when she started eating finger foods, like peas. She still hates to be spoon fed and if anyone comes at her with a spoon I lose it. grrrr I hate the idea of forcing a kid to eat.
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    Default Re: When did you start your LO on solids?

    we went the Baby led solids route and started offering food at 6 months... she pretty much just played in it and didn't even eat aything till around 7.5 months.

    A good book that we read when we were thinking of going the BLS route was Baby led weaning by gill rapley
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    Default Re: When did you start your LO on solids?

    I was clueless so 5 months. They I got schooled on here and waited for all signs of readiness
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    Default Re: When did you start your LO on solids?

    11 months. her weight was in the 97 percentile and we did BLS. she is 16 months now and her solid food appetite is picking up and her weight and iron levels are great. we still nurse 8-12 times a day.

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