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Thread: Planning to pump exclusively

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    Default Planning to pump exclusively

    I want to pump exclusively. I don't feel close to this child (not born yet) and would rather not nurse him. I do want to give him breast milk. Has anyone successfully pumped for a year or so?

    Any tips?


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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    There are several successful exclusive pumpers here. Is this your first child or have you nursed before? EP is exponentially harder than nursing, any chance you'd give nursing a try?

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    I've been EPing for 2 months now. I started to EP because DS didn't want to suck long enough to get a substantial amount of milk out. Now that he's bigger and stronger, I'm sure he could do it - but I'm kind of scared of failing again, so I have stuck with the pump. A big part of me wishes that I was just BFing, because pumping is seriously incredibly annoying and difficult. I find it ridicously hard to find the time to pump enough during the day. It seems that every time I sit down to do it, DS cries and needs me. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to last. I start back at work next week and I am hoping I'll still find the time. Doing this for a year looks like a very long road! If that is the option you choose, you'll need to be very stubborn and determined to make it happen! The benefits of pumping though is that DH or anyone else can feed DS while I get other things done or run out to the store or take a nap. I do enjoy the bottle for that reason.

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    I have to say that when I had my 1st child, I found out he would have a complete cleft lip and palate and would be unable to nurse at my 20 week US. I was secretly relieved, due to fear of nursing. So I was all ok about forumla, pumping never entered my mind...UNTIL after he was born. That darm maternal instinct kicked in overdrive and I felt like I had to do whatever I needed to get that kid breastmilk...which I did, by EPing for 11 months.

    I shared that with you becuase once your baby is here and in your arms, you might be pleasently surprised to find that you WANT to nurse him or her!!! So, please dont write it off completely. Motherly instincts and hormones intensify when that baby is out!!

    Also, after my boy, I was finally able to nurse my DD, and let me tell you it is soooooooo much easier to nurse rather then EP. EPing is a huge commitment...

    Can you attend any LLL meetings before baby is born? This may help ease your concerns about BFing.

    I just wanted to add that you say you dont feel close to the baby...how far along are you? Also why do you want to give BM?? I bet that you feel closer then you believe, or pumping prob wouldnt have even entered your mind! You'll do great momma!!!

    good luck!!!
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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    I am 18 weeks and this is my third boy. Long story why I didn't nurse my first two (twins) but I want to with this one.
    I am just not going to nurse, I know it's easier buti don't want to and have no desire to get a human that close to me. It might sound cruel but I don't think it's attractive at all and it freaks me out. So I want to pump. I want him to have bm but not directly from me, just a bottle.

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    I admire your commitment to breastfeed your baby despite the way you feel about nursing. It certainly is possible to exclusively pump! Lots of mamas do it. Around here we try to encourage mamas to at least give nursing a shot because it's so much easier and we assume everyone is as lazy as we are , and also because you never know how you'll feel about nursing once you try it. You might like it! And if you absolutely hate it, you haven't lost anything because you can always just switch to pumping and bottlefeeding.

    One thing I strongly suggest is getting a really, really good pump. A Medela Pump in Style would be my personal choice. A mom who is EP needs a great pump! The other thing you'll probably need to do is to be religious about maintaining a pumping schedule. Breastmilk is supplied based on the frequency and intensity of demand, so you need to mimic a baby's feeding patterns using the pump.

    Finally, I know this is a very personal issue and I'm going waaaay out on a limb as far as guessing your reasons for not wanting to nurse- but if your reluctance is based on a history of sexual or physical abuse, there's a really good book out there that may help you process the mothering experience: When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women by Penny Simkin and Phyllis Klaus.

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    Thanks for the advice! I planning on renting a hospital grade since I'm planning on EP.
    I am sure nursing isn't for me. I'm ok taking the time to pump, I understand it's a lot of work so it's ok with me.
    I don't have any of that history. I am not looking forward to this baby at all, that's all.

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*unlv3 View Post
    I planning on renting a hospital grade since I'm planning on EP.
    Terrific choice!

    I am sure nursing isn't for me. I'm ok taking the time to pump, I understand it's a lot of work so it's ok with me.
    That's good. The work input is significant!

    Another thing to think about is that even with a hospital grade pump, it can be difficult to maintain supply. Pumps typically do not maintain or increase supply as well as a nursing baby, so if you see a supply decrease or just aren't pumping enough, you need to get in there and pump more intensively and more often.

    I don't have any of that history.
    That's a relief!

    I am not looking forward to this baby at all, that's all.
    Mama, I'm so sorry! Pregnancy and childbirth and mothering are physically and emotionally challenging for a woman even when she dearly wants her baby. Is there anything we can say to help you through the process?

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    My second baby was quite a surprise to me. We weren't planning on having any more and it took me quite a while to get over the fact that I was pregnant. I can't remember when I got over that, but I bet that when your baby is born that you will love him. I'm pretty sure it took almost until the end of my pregnancy.

    Sorry, no advice on EPing.

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    Default Re: Planning to pump exclusively

    i'm sorry you're having such a hard time bonding with baby. To be honest, I didn't bond with my baby til he was born, and then it took time, still. Now I can't imagine life without him. I hope you're able to get to a point where you can get past those difficult negative feelings, it's really hard.

    If you really really don't want your baby... have you ever thought about adoption? I'm hoping for all of your sakes that it's the very powerful pregnancy hormones in control right now.... have you talked to your OB/midwife about anti-depressants (if you feel like that maybe be a problem for you) there are some that are safe to take during pregnancy/lactation.

    I know there are some EPers on here, though most not by choice. This is generally a breastfeeding advocacy forum, so you will no doubt get lots of responses that are going to urge you to reconsider. We can't help it, we all love to encourage nursing babies because it's easier, it's natural and it's best for baby when it's possible for mom and baby. If it's not your cup of tea to be encouraged to nurse, i think some of the EPers on here are members of communities that are geared more directly to women who pump exclusively.

    Either way, welcome to LLL and I hope you can let us know ways we can support you through the rest of your pregnancy.
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