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Thread: Normal to not be engorged?

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    LO is 5 and half months old. She has been sleeping through then night for 3 months. She goes to bed at 8:30ish and wakes up around 6:30ish. Like clockwork. I am no longer engorged in the mornings. Is that just my body adjusting to her schedule? Or is my supply going down... I am always worring about my supply starting to go down and me not noticing, because I lost my supply with my twins around 19 weeks. It was a combo of bad advise, thrush, infections, and the flu that did us in. So I am always worried about my supply diminishing. Is this just normal around now to not wake up engorged or am I worried for a good reason? Those of you with 5 month olds are they sleeping through the night and you still waking up engorged?

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    not sure how many 5 month old babies are STTN, probably not too many.

    But anyway... yes, your body had adjusted to her needs. And if she needs to nurse in the middle of the night again, your body will respond. It's also normal for your supply to even out and not feel engorged anymore as time goes on, in general.

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    If you're ever in doubt, just go back to counting diapers. As long as the baby is producing sufficient wet diapers in a 24-hour period, everything is okay. (I say wet and not poopy because at 5 months poop frequency can vary a lot- some babies will still be going several times per day, some just once a week- and that's all within the normal range.)

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