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Thread: 4 mo old not pooping

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    My 4 mo old was getting rice cereal and stopped pooping. So we took her off cereal, did a suppository and thought all was good. However she continues not pooping. We have tried prune juice, thats not worked? My pediatrician says its normal. But she has gas thats awful! I am concerned considering she was pooping 2-3 x a day and now nothing.

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    sounds normal to me, once you introduce solids things can really "slow down" in the poop department. we went from once a day to once a week! but it went back to every 2-3 days eventually.

    rice cereal, bananas, and some other foods tend to slow things down more than others. i would just scale back and give only breastmilk until she poops (it might be a few more days, that's what happened to us), as long as she is passing gas I would not worry. you could also wait another month or two, or three before resuming solids if you would like. are you sure she is ready for solids? here is a good page with lots of information about starting solids:


    when you decide to start solid food again, maybe try some avocados well mashed, or maybe some other veggies or fruits?
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