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Thread: Overweight?

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    yes, please get a second opinion, there could even be an underlying health issue. Giving a baby that young so much water can cause seizures, I don't have links for it right now but it is dangerous.
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    Oh NO don't give your baby 20 ounces of water! Thats crazy! When your baby starts crawling and walking that extra weight will burn right off. Everyone forgets. So when your 7 months pregnant women start saying "oh any day now!" Or "Your huge are they sure its not twins?" Because they have blocked out how big they were. The Same with babies. You bring home a 8 pound baby and the woman who had a 6 pound baby says,"oh mine were never that small" LOL And now everyone around you has forgotten how chunky their baby gets prior to becoming super mobile. Your LO will burn off the weight. I wouldn't be concerned, if your doctor is really concerned you could shorten your feedings to more often, but shorter, to avoid the hindmilk which has a higher fat content. Don't worry momma, you are definitely not a bad momma!

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