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Thread: Overweight?

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    Exclamation Overweight?

    My baby is exclusively breastfed, he is 7 month and 3 weeks old, he's weight is 30 pounds, lenght 29. The pediatritiann told me to give him at least 20 onz of water daily, but the lactation consultant tolnd me not to because of the electrolites. Long or Short my hubby want to give him that much water, and my mother in law is criticism me because of bad mother i am, letting my baby be that big. Any idea for reference that i can look for my husband and for me?

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    Did the pediatrician say why he might be overweight?

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    I wouldn't give him any water. Especially not 20 ounces of it! Maybe 2 ounces, but not 20!

    Where do you live? I've never heard of a pediatrician saying to give water like that.

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    So you are not feeding any solids yet either?
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    Could it be genetic, or oversupply?

    Don't worry, you are not a bad mama .

    here's a linkie from kellymom

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    I would start to offer solids before giving that much water.
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    20 ounces?! Yikes! Maybe a 2nd opinion would work for both of you?
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    2nd opinion sounds smart.
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    Your pediatrician is crazy. 20 oz of water sounds like more than enough water to cause an electrolyte imbalance in a young, exclusively breastfed baby. And if your baby is overweight, and not just a big but healthy baby, putting him on a crash diet doesn't sound at all like a good idea.

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    20oz??? OMG!! Amazing how docs blame BF for everything. if overweight, it must be too much milk. if underweight, it must be too little milk!!!

    I would seek a second opinion about the water issue.
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