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Thread: Not enough milk to express - help!

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    Default Not enough milk to express - help!

    My son is now 10 wks old and I am exclusively bf. I am trying to build up a store of expressed milk in the freezer for when I am leaving him with his grandparents - I haven't had a trip to the cinema since he was born!!
    I no longer wake up with hard breasts and so feel like I dont have enough milk to express in the morning. He feeds off both breasts at most meals and drains them so there is never any left over to express either. Has anyone any tips or advice? I'm not really up to speed with expressing at all so ANY advice is very welcome.

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    Does he take a decently long nap at any time during the day? You can pump about halfway through. If baby seems hungry when he wakes up, just switch back and forth until he's satisfied, and it also makes you make more milk after a few days.

    After he nurses in the morning, you could just pump then. Yes, you might not get anything then, but after a few days of that, you have taught your breasts that you need more milk at that time. So they make more.

    You can also add on a few minutes of pumping to a couple nursing sessions, or pump one side and nurse the other and then switch off.

    You might find eating some oatmeal or drinking some Mother's Milk tea helpful while you try to build up a little extra.
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    Default Re: Not enough milk to express - help!

    Have you actually tried to express at all yet? And if so, what kind of pump do you have?
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    Thanks for your advice, will try xpressing after his mornng feed!! It's amazing how it all works.

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    I agree with PP. I would try pumping one side while nursing on the other at the first morning feeding. That's what worked best for me when I was first getting started.

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