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Thread: Breastfeeding during early pregnancy - supply issues

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    Default Breastfeeding during early pregnancy - supply issues

    Ariella is 14 months old and is still BF. This month DH and I started TTC and were successful! Yay! I suppose I intended to continue BF through a lot of the pregnancy, but my supply has tanked very early on! Until about a week and a half ago, she was nursing twice in the morning, I was pumping once or twice at work, and then she'd nurse after I got home from work (and sometimes over night).

    Now because of my supply drop, she's nursing in the early morning, and I've been pumping mid-day and at the end of the day. She seemed so sad when she'd try to nurse but my letdown wasn't happening, so nothing would come out! And, then she wasn't drinking any milk other than my BM for a couple of days, so not enough milk, which made me start pumping mid-day again in an attempt to increase my supply. For a day I had dropped the mid-day pump without any engorgement issues.

    I had been hoping I could stop the pump at work and nurse her in the morning and at night, but I wonder if my supply will tank even further if I do that (if she'll ever be able to nurse at night). As it is nursing at night hasn't been working because of my low supply, and she seems so sad (or mad) about it. If I try but she's unable to, she winds up screaming and crying, which is why I've only been letting her nurse in the early morning, when she's been successful.

    Any thoughts? Advice? I'm at work not really wanting to pump because I don't think I'll get much at all. Or I'm wondering if I skip pumping at work if she'll nurse tonight? Or will that just tank my supply even more? Again, my goal would be to nurse in the morning and at night, but I don't know if that's possible because of the supply issue. Time to wean? I'm sure she'd adjust to no more BM soon, right? Or should I skip the mid-day pump and try to see if she'll nurse at night again and risk the screaming/crying? Thanks!

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    Just wanted to give an update. Ariella nursed great last night! And, she nursed this morning, twice! The second time there wasn't much in there, but still she got some from each side. I was so thrilled. After the 2nd nursing session, she drank a couple of oz of goat's milk, along with having her breakfast. I left my pump at home today (big step). I know it's too early to tell if she'll be able to continue nursing in the morning and at night, but at least I have some hope now. Plus, as a bonus, she slept all the way until 5am!!! Very good night and morning for the both of us. She's such a sweet baby girl.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding during early pregnancy - supply issues

    It's going to tank no matter what you do, unfortunately. I have BTDT now four times. And nothing you do can keep your supply going. Once you are pregnant, first and foremost, your body takes care of that, and that often means, for over 80% of nursing moms who are pregnant again, that you lose your supply. Some lose it early, some later, but the vast majority lose it at some point during pregnancy.

    Some toddlers nurse despite mom not having milk. Some quit, because the flavor changes, because of the lack, whatever. My older children quit nursing fairly early in the pregnancy; my younger kept nursing until I was about 7-8 months pregnant and then just quit one day.

    Some have older kids who return to nursing after baby arrives, and others don't, no matter what encouragement Mom gives. I had one nurse along with baby for a month, and then he was done. But my others were not interested, and my current toddler won't even take mama milk in a cup!

    Many herbs normally recommended to maintain supply are NOT recommended at all during pregnancy. So if you decide to try that, look them up first.

    The book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" has a lot of good information, and also, we have a forum here for the tandeming mom and the mom nursing while pregnant again; just scroll further down the page.
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    Thanks for the insight and information! Yes, I kind of hope she'll wean at some point in the pregnancy. I'm not sure if I was ready just quite yet, so I'm thrilled that she might keep up with the morning and before dinner sessions. I didn't realize there were those other forums. I'll definitely take a look. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding during early pregnancy - supply issues

    We are considering another child and are planning to TTC in June or July so this was intersting to me. I hadn't thought about my supply tanking at all, however since I am wanting her to wean before a new baby gets here I suppose it would work out on it's own. LOL
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    My kids are 17 mos apart. My supply tanked early, and my son stopped on his own when I was about 12-13 weeks along (he was about 11 mos old). He would just get so mad when nothing would come out, and so I decided to quit fighting him over it. I had stopped pumping about a month before that b/c I wasn't getting anything.
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