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Thread: Milk drying up - Baby gags on breast

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    I had what I thought was an oversupply issue and did block feeding - big mistake. Turns out my baby's latch was just really shallow and she was sucking in tons of air, which made her incredibly gassy and fussy. Due to the block feeding, I'm barely producing much of anything. I'm trying to get my supply back, but don't think it's possible if I can't fix this latch issue.

    Whenever I do get my baby to take a decent amount of breast tissue in her mouth, she gags. It's like if she gets anything more in her mouth than just my nipple, her gag reflex kicks in. I don't have OALD - I don't have much of a letdown at all in fact, so that's not what's causing the problem. She's gagging before milk even comes out. What could be causing this and how can I fix it!?!?!

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    I have the same problem. My baby is relunctant to breastfeed. She cries when I try to breastfeed, turns her head away by arching her back and neck, she pushes out my n*pple with her toungue, and sometimes when I do get it in her mouth, she gags. Why does she do this? I do not have overactive let down either.

    How is breastfeeding progressing for you now? I am mostly pumping right now, but it gets so tiring to pump, feed the baby, take care of the baby and also a toddler. And I am going back to work in a month!

    Please, can somebody help us? I breastfed my older child with no problems until she was 16 months old.

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    Default Re: Milk drying up - Baby gags on breast

    How old is your baby? Could it be reflux?
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    with desertmama. Please let us know more- like how you know your supply is low, how nursing feels, how old the baby is... And esepcially how many wet and poopy diapers you're seeing in a 24 hour period!

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