OK, I totally understand about the GP from your explanation. Thanks! Do you have the opportunity to see a professional lactation consultant as well if you're not able to get to a LLL meeting soon?

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He was sleeping closer to 7 hours a night, but also napping in the day. Babies are supposed to sleep around 16 hours out of 24 at this age is what our paediatrician has said.
That is true - however, that's cumulative time including naps, etc. Because of their stomach size it's not abnormal at all for them to sleep 4 hours at this age, be awake for 3, then go back to sleep for 4 hours again. And their sleeping habits change all the time because of all the development that's going on with them physiologically and psychologically. Just as soon as you think you've got one routine down they'll surprise you and switch it up again. PP is right - 5 hours is technically considered sleeping through the night.

(Exhausting I know.)

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Excuse me if I sound ignorant but how do you switch to cup feeding? I would love to do away with the bottles but I'm scared of him choking ect, as he does sometimes even just breastfeeding
You'd be *very* surprised how quickly a little one picks up on using a cup! If you sit your LO up, bring a small cup to his lips, (helps if he's in your lap and you look over his shoulder while this is happening so you can see the amount of liquid leaving the cup to go into his mouth), pour a very small bit of liquid in, your little one should close his mouth and swallow. I had the same concerns but I tried it once and, lo and behold, my LO learned like a champ.