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Thread: advice on weaning from routine

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    I am starting to wean my 15 month old (I'm older and hoping to have more children but don't have my period back yet). He was feeding about 4 or 5 times a day: around 6am (then back to sleep for a bit), before nap, before bed, and once or twice overnight. He doesn't fall asleep while he's nursing, we usually put him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own (in a crib in his own room).

    Over the past 5 days my husband has been going in for the overnight wake ups as well as the early wake up and helping him go back to sleep. So far my little guy seems to be handling this pretty well.

    Next we'd like to work on the feeding before nap and before bed. We have a routine, though, and I'm not sure how to take the nursing out of it. In the afternoon he eats lunch (he eats great), nurses, we change his diaper, and put him down awake to nap. Before bed, he eats dinner, then a bath, books, nurses, and we put him down awake. Does anyone have any advice on how to take the nursing out of the routines?

    He tried cow's milk the other day but doesn't like it and I offered him soymilk but he wouldn't try it. I tried switching the order a bit before bed the other night and he knew it wasn't right and asked for milk again before I put him down.

    I appreciate any advice you have! Thank you very much!

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    Did you try warm cows milk? Maybe other liquids in a sippy cup?
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