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    Default Stay at home mom and pumping...

    This is going to sound a little crazy I'm sure - but could somebody please tell me "exactly" how to go about pumping and saving milk. I have started giving my daughter cereal in the morning, but it's kind of a hit or miss because I pump to immediately put it in the cereal and sometimes there's not enough. My issue is...my daughter eats every three hours so there's really no time for me to pump and get any substantial amount. I also want to build up a supply for when my husband and I go out for 'us' time. Please help!
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    Most moms who dont have to pump but want some go about it in a couple ways:

    1. Pump in the mornings between feedings or getting up a bit earlier and pumping a bit. Most moms find they have more milk in the mornings and take advantage of the extra.

    2. Add a few minutes of pumping after nursing

    3. Pump one side and nurse the other at the same time.

    4. If baby takes a longish nap, pumping about halfway through te nap.

    If baby seems hungry or decides to eat not long after you pumped, just keep switching sides. An it takes longer to feed baby, but your supply will catch up to the extra demand.

    s an FYI, you don't have to use cereal and purred foods. Look up Baby Led Solds. That might take some of the pressure off.
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