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Thread: needing some support please

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    Red face needing some support please

    Hi sorry this is long

    my son is turning 1 in a couple weeks and he is very very small he is like 30 inches long and only 16 lbs but his daddy is the same way. i have not had any support during the last year he has been BF and will not take a bottle. he will take a sippy but only the ones with a straw. he eats babyfood breat and some finger foods. he still gags easily but drs say he is fine. he eats a lot and still BF off me 5 to 6 times a day and on average 2 times a night. he will not sleep unless he is latched on is this ok. my dr does not know anything about BFing. everyone around here gives a bottle and formula no BFING. is it ok that he eats all kinds of food and only eats of me when he is going to sleep and rite when he wakes up. OH and he will not touch cows milk no matter how its fixed. he also co sleeps. he starts the night in his bed and about 3am comes to my bed. He is developing great and does everything and more. as of now im just looking for some support in that how im doing things is ok.http://forums.llli.org/images/smilieshttp://forums.llli.org/images/smilies/Smiliesbreastfeeding.gifhttp://forums.llli.org/images/smilies/stork-boy.gif/th_cosleeping3.gif:

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    Default Re: needing some support please

    Everything sounds great, mama! Do you want to continue breastfeeding him?

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    Sounds like your little one is very lucky. After a year it is suggested to offer solid foods before the breast but alot of babies will still nurse to sleep. It sounds like you are doing the best you can! Has your LOs weight been plotted on the new weight charts for breastfed babies? It might make you feel better. Babies tend to gain on a curve. Your Lo is fine as long as they don't dip below their curve.

    What was his birth weight? An average healthy baby will be 2x his birth weight at 6m and 3x at a year.
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    It sounds just like how things were for me and Lilah when she was a year old.

    She would also only use those straw-cups.

    Everything sounds great to me, as long as you are ok with how things are!

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    It sounds like you are doing great! If you're concerned about his weight you can always offer to nurse more during the day. I wouldn't wake him at night to nurse at this point.

    And you can make sure to offer more healthy fats in his solids. Butter, Olive oil, avocado, yogurt...all good sources of healthy fat.
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    Agree with all the PPs. You're doing great Mama! Some babies are just peanuts!! And you can offer him anything you'll eat at this point, minus what you're uncomfortable with in terms of allergies.
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    thanks so much he does eat great he eats almost anything. he was 6lbs 11oz at birth full term. and so was his daddy he is exacly like his daddy. and i was 4lbs8oz at birth im only 5.1 and his dad is 5.5 tall and 110lbs now at 28 years old lol so you see we are a small family he has had blood tests and they all came back fine. and yes i plan on nursing him for a while still. i just thank its better for him. thanks you again for your advice i have had so many worries during the last year and am so glad that i found the llli online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*duckpond View Post
    Everything sounds great, mama! Do you want to continue breastfeeding him?
    yes i plan on BFING him for a while its such a sweet time for me and him he is my answered prayer

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    with PPs. I wanted to share that we're a small family, too. I am 5'1'' and 100lbs, and DH is 5'7'' and around 135lbs IIRC. DD (6lbs 5oz at birth) was 16lbs at 1YO and 17lbs at 16.5MO. We've seen 5 different doctors the past year (because we lived in different states AND kept looking for one we liked) and two of them insisted that I nurse less (like cutting the number of sessions in half - we're still at 8-12 times/day) and feed her more STARCH for calories. The other three - one an OMD (author of some popular books), one a family physician and IBCLC, and one a holistic, very pro-BF doc - have absolutely NO concerns since they all found her perfectly healthy and right where she should be developmentally. She is VERY active. I do top most things she eats with EVOO or coconut oil and try to feed her as much avocado and (unsalted, unsweetened) nut butters as she will take. We'll see how much she'll have gained at her 18MO checkup which is next week.

    and to you mama. I know how worrying it can be having a small baby.

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    Default Re: needing some support please

    I have a small one too. Mine was around the same size as yours at 1. Still under 20lb. Now at almost 3 she only weighs 26lb and is 34 inches.
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