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Thread: what is better, but not crazy spendy?

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    Default what is better, but not crazy spendy?

    First off this is the Last baby *prettttyyyy sure like 99 percent sure*

    I had this pump with daughter
    worked fine for the 2 ish yrs i used it. BUT towards the end lost suction..

    I only plan on using a breast pump kinda part time just to get my new lo through my 4-6 hour work days..

    I dont want to spend 400 on a new pump that i am not gona use, and i know ppl wont want to buy.. so looking for another one under 100 or 150 at leastttt?
    Hoping you ladies would have some insight? if not i might just buy another one of these to hold me over another baby..

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    Default Re: what is better, but not crazy spendy?

    For that price, you could buy a Lansinoh, which is the same as an Ameda only for less. I like mine, and I'd use it more if the horns were bigger -- I take a 36. It's a closed system, unlike a Medela. It worked perfectly for me doing just what you are thinking, and I even did some FT pumping with it.
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    Default Re: what is better, but not crazy spendy?

    Look online; sometimes you can get really good prices. You have to call or email them usually, b/c they aren't allowed to post their discounted prices online.

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    Default Re: what is better, but not crazy spendy?

    Thanks for these links, because I just ordered my Freestyle for $280 from Best Buy Baby. The shipping was free and no tax unless you are in New Jersey. That was the price I paid for my Pump In Style and the customer service was great-- a real person answered the phone and said they would ship it out today. I did have to email them to get the price but they emailed back within an hour.

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