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Thread: Biting/Twisting...torture!!!

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    Default Biting/Twisting...torture!!!

    Hi ladies, sorry I've been MIA for awhile. I was actually able to coax DD back into taking both breasts after WEEKS of refusal on the right side...and mommy depression.
    I took some time off from researching and chatting to regroup myself in case it was actually weaning. And surprise! After I accepted the situation and my stress levels went down...guess who went back to nursing full time?

    ANYWAY..on to the next adventure! NOW this past week she's all of a sudden turned into Mr. Hyde! Completely different baby...frustration tantrums left and right...endless energy...and *sigh*...the biting has started. I'm REALLY hoping it's just another phase. Heck, after all the "phases" we've been through...I'm sure we can pull through this one too. I was reading some older posts about biting/twisting; face scratching; etc.. looking for some advice.

    Her nursing has decreased again. As soon as she latches on or maybe 1-2 minutes in, she starts to nip at it. Or twist it. Or tries to scratch my face or kick me. And then laughs hysterically. I've tried immediately saying "no biting mommy" and placing her on the floor and she will run around the corner and pout. But the hardest part is, alot of the times she'll start playing with a toy in the room. I guess my question is (after all this writing, lol) how to teach her that nursing time is quiet time, not play time. Because after she starts with the biting, and I put her down on the floor...she gets excited/worked up and runs around the room playing. I want her to know that I'm not putting her down because nursing is over and she's free to go play...I'm putting her down because she's biting and it's a quick "time out" before we try again. I've even tried putting her in the crib for a few minutes to chill out, but she goes into jumping on the mattress, laughing, carrying on...and I just can't get her to focus on nursing anymore. So I feel like my days are exhausting and long with trying to get her to "settle down and focus". She's just not taking in nearly as much milk as she was. So what do you think...passing phase (common at this age)? Time to instill manners? What's the best way to get her to focus? Hoping it's not weaning! Thanks for reading
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    Default Re: Biting/Twisting...torture!!!

    This is a tough one!

    I would stay firm with removing her once she bites and becomes too rambunctious. Definitely remain calm and collected though. At this age I'm sure she is understanding a lot of what you are saying, so just be clear about what's going on and why and maybe a little reminder before getting started, "it's time to nurse, if you bite/kick/hit/etc. then that hurts Mommy and we have to stop."

    Maybe if you can tell she's in one of those moods, you can find something else to do and save nursing for a nap time.

    Good luck.
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