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Thread: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

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    Default 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    Hi Everyone,

    Well, I made it to 11 months. The first month was very trying with latching issues but I'm glad I got it worked out. I had to return to work when my daughter was around 2.5 months old and have been pretty much pumping twice a day since day to provide her with milk @ daycare. This routine is getting fairly tiring and it effects my productivity @ work so I would like to stop pumping @ work if I can.

    I read that if I BF 3-4 times a day things should be ok. But I usually don't get home until 7 pm and her bed time is @ 10. That means I either have to have night feedings or somehow cram in a meal of solids plus 2 meals of BF in 3 hrs.

    I also wonder what my daughter should drink if she doesn't get any breastmilk @ daycare. Do people just give formula? cows milk? only water?

    Just want to see what people's experiences were out there.


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    Default Re: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    I started working two days away from home when my daughter was 6 months. I pumped maybe once a day for about a month, and then stopped because it was driving me crazy and I didn't feel secure in my job to take so many breaks (didn't want to use my lunch break for pumping). I didn't notice any change in my supply. She sleeps with us, and I nurse her during the night, so perhaps that sort of rebalanced things. Also, one of my boobs would get super full, sometimes uncomfortable, by the end of the day. The other was fine.

    I supplemented with formula on the days I worked since I wasn't pumping and there was no saved breastmilk.

    We're still nursing now. She's 14 months and we're still going strong!

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    Default Re: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    After one year, you can start supplementing with cow's milk if needed. Up until that point, formula is recommended. With DS, I managed to pump wean at about 13 months since he was doing well with solids. He also ate tons of yogurt and cheese. At 13 months (on days I worked) he typically nursed when he first woke up in the morning, when I picked him up at my parent's, at bedtime about 1 hr later and once during the night. Since your LO is already 11 months, I personally would try to pump a bit longer. Offer cow's milk at a year and avoid formula altogether.

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    Default Re: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    I pump weaned between 11 months and a year. Joe was still nursing throughout the night, so I probably didn't NEED to supplement him during the days when I was gone, but I slowly transitioned him to cow's milk (after the one year mark - before that I was making enough milk for him, although slowly backing off). He likes to have some milk before his nap.

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    Default Re: 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    i didn't pump wean til a little later than you, but i will say that my little guys is very reluctant to take cows milk. It's always available and offered, but he generally takes water while i'm gone and get yogurt/cheese/cottage cheese/other dairy and i'm just sure to nurse as frequently as he's interested while home.

    ETA: one thing I have found, he LOVES some whole milk with the granola DH makes - so he doesn't drink it straight up, but slurps it right down with some oats! (just in case ou have issues with the cow milk intro )
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