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Thread: Need latch help for sore/bleeding nipples

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    I also wanted to add: If you are regularly wearing any nursing pads, I found the disposables to be more gentle on my traumatized nipples (harder on the environment, I know.) Even now, the cloth ones stick to my nipples when I take them out of my bra and it can be irritating to the sensitive skin. I think those may be better since you're battling thrush, too. You want to keep the moisture off your nipples and disposables do a better job of that (though if anyone knows of any cloth pads that are any good, PLEASE let me know!)

    If you can, try to spend some time every day without a shirt or bra on, just letting your skin breathe. I've heard it's good to let sunlight on your nipples- maybe if you've got a nice fenced yard and live where it's warmer than 45 degrees.

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    Default Re: Need latch help for sore/bleeding nipples

    Thanks - If you had the sharp pain between feeds, did it dissipate in time? I used cabbage leaves to slow the oversupply with my last child and am applying them now just for a few minutes a day, but that doesn't seem to help with the pain. i do not recall this knife-life pain between feedings with my last child.

    The LC originally suggested breast shells to keep the bra off the nipples.. i used for a few days, then the radiating pain started and they decided that yeast had gotten in from the nipples being wet all the time So I stopped using them about a week ago.

    Current plan is to stop the keflex, do a repeat 'loading dose' of the fluconozole, continue taking it 100 mg twice daily, take the PB8 probiotic and see what happens.

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