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Thread: tired and frustrated

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    Default tired and frustrated

    I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. My 4wk old is a slow eater..then sleeps then wakes up after 10 min crying. Have to go..he's crying.

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    Default Re: tired and frustrated

    How many wet diapers does he have a day?

    Could be having a growth spurt.

    This stage passes quicker than you would ever believe. Your first and really only job right now is to feed him and be there for him. Let him nurse sleep nurse if that is what he wants. My dd did a lot of that. Camp out with drinks, snacks, and tv or a book. Monitor wet diapers to make sure there us not a latch or transfer problem and he is getting enough - he should have at least 6 per day. You can also Strip down to a diaper and tickle feet to keep him awake while feeding. Cat nap with him on your chest.

    You can do this!
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    plenty of wet/soiled diapers. how do you know if he has gas problems? fed him at 5, then he fell asleep, woke up crying,wet diaper and burped. heard some gas and kept crying so now i'm nursing...but he ate 1 hour ago. is it comfort or should this be a full feeding? and what if he falls asleep again? should i try to wake him to keep nursing? im so tired

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    This time was the hardest for me with all 5 of mine Especialy with #3 I dont remember doing ANYTHING but nurse nurse nurse! The best thing i can tell you is that before you know it, its over and to try and sleep when you can All of mine slept on my chest or DH chest for atleast the 1st weeks! My new LO who is 9wks still does ALOT, co-sleeping helps too! good luck & hang in there it gets better
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    You are doing a great job, just remember that you are both still learning about each other. My partner and I felt totally out of our depth in the early weeks and after the first 10 days or so our son started to get quite alot of wind. Everytime I set him down in his moses basket he woke up after a feed and cried. I discovered it was wind and after each feed i made sure to wind him for up to half an hour, even if he was asleep. Once he got up a big burp I would put him down and he would sleep peacefully until his next feed and it started all over again. As for falling asleep, I used to start with him fully clothed and as he fell asleep I would undress him a bit at a time to wake him up and feed a bit more until he was down to his nappy which i would then change. This would then wake him up fully and we would finish the feed and the winding would begin. It took forever!!! But it all got easier, hes 10 wks now and feeds for 20mins even if he is asleep, i wind him for 5 mins and put him down. Hang on in there.

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    P.S. the best bit of advice i got was if the baby is sleeping then he has had enough to eat, if he was hungry he would cry. If he sleeps then let him sleep.

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    I have never been one to wake a baby to eat, however all of mine were born healthy and full term. That said my LO is 19 months and at first she would eat, sleep, cry, poo, and pee.....all you can do is respond to your baby's needs and try to sleep when the baby does. Gas is a terrible thing I have found this out first hand. After my last two c/sec I have had terrible gas problem after the first 24 hours post surgery. It is REALLY painful! Try lying your baby across your lap and lifting the knee his bottom half is on and patting him on the bottom. It sounds weird but it lets air rise and exit his bottom. I have did this with mine. Just keep yourself hydrated and sleep as much as you can when he does. My LO woke up alot in the begining to nurse and it seemed like she would never sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time and she still has days and nights like that.
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