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    Hi my baby is almost 1 and im planning on nursing him for a while still seeing as he is very small, he loves it but he will only nurse when hes going to sleep and wakes up now. and he will not sit still or lay still long enough to eat at all during the day. no matter what i try. Has anyone been through this and what did you do. should i supplament with something like cows milk. i have tried to give him milk but he does not like it and he cant drink formula. any ideas. OH and im asking cause his Dr is stupid and people around here do not rely BF any more im the only person i know who is. OH and he eats baby food and table food great.

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    You may find that he expresses a lot more interest in breastfeeding soon - a lot of babies get over the distractible can't-sit-still-to-nurse thing around a year. If you nurse him four times a day, you don't need to supplement with milk (though you CAN give milk if you want). Does your baby sleep through the night? Could you nurse him when he's sleeping (dream-feed) before you go to bed, just get a little more into him?

    If he's drinking your milk only twice a day, you might want to supplement. Will he take water from a sippy cup? Could you try a little cow's milk that way? Sometimes babies will take milk that is warmed up a smidge more easily than cold milk, or cold more easily than warm. Keep experimenting, and hang in there, a lot of toddlers decide that they want to nurse all.day.long, and this problem could disappear.

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    my dd was exactly like that. now that she's almost 16 months old, meals have changed and nursing has changed. mine doesn't nurse out of hunger, but outta comfort, like when she's scared or gets hurt. meals don't really happen, she eats and walks, which means i walk behind her and tell her to sit, then i feed her on the go it staves off the screams so this is why i do what i do. i started giving katie whole milk and ovaltine and she's seemed 2 pick up weihjt
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    So is it when he wakes in the morning up and down from one nap or two? And at night? Your 1st post makes it sound like it's only twice a day. But is it more like 4times a day? Or 5 or 6?

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