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Thread: To Warm or Not To Warm?

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    Default To Warm or Not To Warm?

    Do you guys typically warm up your fresh milk that has been stored in the fridge? Or does the baby drink it cold?

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    If your baby will drink it cold, I would do it that way. I always feel like rewarming kills off some of the antibacterial properties of the milk. Plus you run the risk of bacteria growing in it if it's warmed and then left to cool again at room temperature. Plus plus, you don't have the dilemma of "baby didn't finish the bottle, fell asleep, what am I going to do with these 2 ounces?!?"

    My son started drinking his milk cold by accident at some point - like he was really hungry, and so his daycare teacher just gave him a bottle w/o warming it. He didn't care. My daughter, on the other hand, has so far refused to drink cold milk. She's still young though (3 mos).
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    Default Re: To Warm or Not To Warm?

    My boys didn't care. I typically warmed it up enough just to take the chill off of it, but there were times when we were out and about and I didn't have the ability to warm it up.
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    I try to leave it out ahead of time so that it's close to room temperature when he gets it. . .but if he's hungry, I'd rather he get a cold one than be upset when it's warming.

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    I don't heat. Haven't from day one. Knowing that this would be long term, I didn't want him to get to where it had to be warm, and I didn't want to have to listen to a crying baby while I warmed the bottle. The only time he gets warm milk is when I feed it right after pumping or if I happened to leave it out at room temp.
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