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Thread: Thawed Milk Question

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    So I started digging into my freezer stash, I used milk from October (I have a deep chest freezer) and when I thaw it, it smells acidy and it tastes acidy. My LO has drank 2 bottles of it today (not the entire bottle as he usually does) but a good 4oz each time. I feel so horrible giving him that milk, it just tastes so gross compared to freshly pumped milk....

    Has this happened to anyone else? I know if LO is taking it, then it should be ok but Im worried, will this give him a tummy ache or something? It just seems soooooooooooooo much different than fresh milk

    Also, I've thawed out fresher milk (like maybe a month ago) and it doesnt smell or taste that way, its way closer to fresh pumped milk.
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    I'm not sure what you mean my acidity but....My milk always smells and tastes like vomit (IMHO) but my LO always eats it. You might want to try scalding it if you really don't like the way it smells but scalding kills some of the immune properties in it so unless you have to I wouldn't.
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