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    So I have close to 1000 oz of frozen bm my son WONT drink! From Oct-Dec.... I guess its a lipase issue, but its odd, he will drink frozen milk as long as its not passed 4 months old, he has no prob with my frozen bm from Jan, I smelled and tasted it and its fine, as we reach the dec nov oct milk, dec smells and tastes a little metalish, nov is worse and oct forget it! I dont want to have to toss this, I know most babies will drink past the taste/smell but apparently mine wont! So since I lost 900oz when my freezer broke, and now this, I really dont want to have to toss 1000oz! I made DH toss the 900 that were spoiled, imagine having to toss 1000 that arent spoiled I will cry for weeks!

    Ive tried milk bank but they are taking so long to get back to me! Im in FL (miami to be exact) if anyone knows of any mommas in need of milk pls let me know!!! Thanks
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    Default Re: I NEED TO DONATE ASAP!!

    Have you looked on milkshare?

    Also, you could call some doulas/midwives in your area to see if they know anyone who needs the milk.

    I don't know that most babies will take it. My daughter drank the vomit-tasting milk but I didn't know and she didn't drink it very enthusiastically.

    Could you thaw it, mix it with chocolate syrup and give it to your older child? Especially the milk that's just a big metallic tasting?

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    Default Re: I NEED TO DONATE ASAP!!

    Check out Human Milk for Human Babies on facebook. Or you can get to baking...

    Sorry you're having soo much difficulties with this. I can understand what you're saying about the milk bank. I have stopped pumping because they haven't called me back.
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    Default Re: I NEED TO DONATE ASAP!!

    milkshare is probably the quickest way if your desperate to clear out your freezer ASAP. You could partner up with a parent that needs milk within a day! Most parents simply asked me to view my HIV and Hep C test results. (Which you can get from your OB since they do all that blood work during your pregnancy).

    If you go thru a milk bank such as HMBANA, the application process takes a while. Paperwork needs to be filled out (need auth from your OBGYN, peditrician, blood work...).
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