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Thread: Not too interested in nursing

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    Default Not too interested in nursing

    My son is now 12 months and 2 weeks old. Lately, nursing him has been such a struggle. He has never nursed for comfort, and lately, everything is much more interesting then nursing. But of course because of it he wakes up 2-3 times a night again to nurse. I have such a hard time with this, because I just don't have the time to try to offer it over and over and over again, and lately he sucks a couple of times and goes into a hysterical melt down and pushes me away.
    Could that be a sign that he is done with nursing, and I should just stop trying? Its really frustrating, and my patience are running out really quickly... I work from home, and I am very busy, and then I have to try for 10 minutes to feed him, then have the nanny take him to play for an hour, come back so I can try again, and it repeats 3-4 times, its just not realistic like this.
    I would stop completely, but he is still not big into solids, and he refuses goat or cow milk (we never tried formula, but I don't think he will drink that either).

    Any advice? This is just horrible. I just spent an hour calming down a hysterical toddler after trying to feed him, and last time he nursed was 8 hours ago. He threw a tantrum because I took my iPhone away from him after he accidentally made a few calls. Then he threw another tantrum as I tried to nurse him. This is just not working at all anymore...
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    Default Re: Not too interested in nursing

    Our DD is 13mo now and she isn't interested most of the time. I think its partly a supply thing and partly that there is too much else to do. I offer the breast, rather than wait for a request, and if she's too wiggly/distracted, i let her go. I don't try to make up for a feed (most likely the cause of why my supply seems to be dropping) but i do offer again at the next usual time for a feed. Our only consistent feeds are morning (about 7am) and post-bedtime feed (about 830pm and she's down for bed at 7pm). Otherwise, she's eating full meals plus occasional snacks and drinking a decent amount of homo-milk. My personal decision is that i'm the optional part of her nutrition now but that i keep offering nursing to her for the mummy-daughter time and the occasional comfort nursing.
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    Default Re: Not too interested in nursing

    My son dropped nearly all of his feedings around a year. He is down to nursing at bedtime and during the night, and sometimes in the morning as he's waking up, but only if he's still really drowsy (we co-sleep). If he's awake and alert, he's not interested.

    I work outside the home. We had a childcare emergency last week and I ended up spending several days at home with him, and he did nurse more often when it was just the two of us. But as soon as we were back to our normal routine with daycare, he's back to not interested. He doesn't even want to nurse when I get home in the afternoon, which has been the hardest on me emotionally, we do not get that time to reconnect.

    I know my supply has dropped considerably, and my periods finally returned. I'm having to buy new bras from smaller breast size.

    My son does take cow's milk from a straw cup and is a great eater, so I guess there's just not much I can do about it. I hear about other toddlers who are very into nursing, but for the last 3-4 months it's been a very low priority for DS, and I wonder if we'll make it to 2 years, which was initially my goal.

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