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Thread: Favorite snacks/meals?

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    Default Favorite snacks/meals?

    Ds turned 1 on Friday! I hope to continue nursing him until at least 2 and so far no end in sight! I'd love any ideas for meals and snacks that your LO's enjoy!
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    Default Re: Favorite snacks/meals?

    My LO loves stew. Its soft enough that she can eat anything in it and its got enough variety that she doesn't get bored. You can throw in crackers or a bun for the older kids!
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    Both of my kiddos were big on noodles at that age. Still are, really. The big pastas like rotini or penne that are easy to grab. It was also a great way to sneak in veggies, with a little brocolli and/or spinach they were sure to get a little of something green in their mouth.
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