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    I had a small stash of expressed milk in our deep freeze.... well apparently it decided to quit working and the milk is no longer frozen i planned on using it and giving it to my LO for the nexr 24 hrs. Is there anyway I can refreeze it?? I know your not suppose to but dumping it out will be depressing!!

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    I know it's sad, but you are really not supposed to re-freeze milk.
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    Maybe you can do some baby cookies baking?
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    I FEEL your PAIN!! My deep freezer stopped working and I LOST 900oz of milk!!! I cried for days, I didnt even want to get rid of it, I swear I wouldve bathed in it or something I was so depressed I couldnt come to terms with throwing it out, it sat there for days before DH finally did it for me
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