How quick does nystatin usually work to reduce pain? Three weeks ago we were suspected to have thrush so we were both treated with nystatin. It did seem to ease the pain a bit and my crack healed but I was still bright pink. I treated us both for a week per the doctors orders and here I am again. My pain in my left side was gone except the initial latch on and the right side was almost gone but not quite yet. So over the past couple of days the pain in my right side started to get worse and then my left side started to hurt again. Until the left side was hurting again I was chalking the pain on the right side up to that being the side I produce more so figured he was clamping down to slow the flow down. Now I'm thinking maybe it's thrush again? We've got no other symptoms. Anyway, I used nystatin this morning and tonight it didn't hurt at all to nurse him on the left side and the right side seemed a bit better too. Does nystatin really work that fast? I'm not fully convinced it's thrush but it does seem better after treating just once.