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Thread: too much formilk... :(

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    Unhappy too much formilk... :(

    My DD is 4 weeks old and now all of a sudden im producing way too much milk, she splutters and coughs while nursing! My nipples are sore from pulling her off during let-down, shes constantly puking im think 5-6 sleepers so gets soaked a day!

    I've tried the nursing only one side for 2 feedings in a row like i was told to, but shes still the same. Her poops are now green and im getting frustratedsince shes back to only sleeping 1.5- 2 hours in a row!
    She seems like shes in painand you can tell the ofremilk is bothering her stomach!
    any ideas of suggestions to make this go down faster? Formula is starting to look really good..

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    Maybe you should try nursing her on one side for more feedings. I would do as many in a row as would empty the breast. Understand that it could take some time for the poops to catch up. I think we were green for another 2 weeks after starting to block feed. For your nipples, let them air dry and try not to have anything rub against them. Leave your top off around the house or wear a loose fitting shirt, no bra. I know it seems frustrating now, but it will get better. And think of it this way - if you do formula that won't solve your breast problem, they will be engorged and painful, not to mention that it may hurt her tummy more and make for worse looking poops! Stick with it, it just takes a little bit of patience. We're here for you!

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    Hi and congratulations on your new LO! I'm sorry you are having trouble and LO seems to have an upset tummy. As PP suggested, It sounds like you may need to do a longer block of time feeding from the same breast before switching to the other. You said you are doing two feedings from the same breast--about how frequently his your LO nursing? Some women with oversupply have to do a block feeding from the same breast for 6 hours or sometimes even more before switching to the other side. Try lengthening the time of your block a bit. If the other breast becomes uncomfortably full, you can pump or hand express just enough to be comfortable (never more than an ounce at a time). To help with the choking from the fast flow of milk, you can try leaning back a bit while nursing (baby laying across your chest), to the milk is flowing up against gravity. I'd also advise checking out the section of these boards about "Too Much Milk" to get some more support and advice. Hang in there! You are still in the early months of breastfeeding when your body is still adjusting and trying to figure out how much milk to make. MOST oversupply issues do resolve after the first few months. Also, as your baby gets bigger she will be a little better able to handle the fast flow of milk. HTH!

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    Hi there...just wanted to let you know your not alone. My DS iss almost 4 weeks and all of a sudden I have too much foremilk. His poops are green and he is fussy and gasy between feedings. First it was sore nipples, then thrush...which we're still fighting...and now oversupply! I just started block feeding yesterday, so we'll see how it goes. I find that even after feeding from the same side for two feeds in a row, that breast is still pretty full afterwards! What happened to the supply/demand theory? Why are we supplying more then is being demanded?! My little guy is the same. Belly aches and spitting up and yet still hungry...it's too much foremilk. Best of luck to you. At least we know we're not the only ones.

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