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Thread: Is he ready for BLS?

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    Default Is he ready for BLS?

    I'm currently reading Gill Rapley's book on ther subject. and she says they will not eat anything if they are not ready for it. I (foolishly) put a few sticks of pears on his Bumbo tray while I was eating one. He is 5 months today, but my theory was that he should get used to the idea of seeing these strange things and I *really* didn't think he could pick them up. He did!!! And he *almost* made it. I had to snatch it out of his hand before he could eat it! He did get to suck his fingers though, which I think is ok.

    I *never* thought I would be asking ahead of time if he was ready, but he seemed to have awesome motor skills then. Btw he is not sitting up on his own.

    Does this mean he is ready? I know the 6 month mark is pretty serious, but I just think if he is ready it would be a great learning tool for him to explore things. And maybe I can eat my dinner before 9 when he goes to bed! lol.

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    Default Re: Is he ready for BLS?

    6 mo mark is not "written in stone". There is variation in when LO are ready to eat solids.

    I WOULD wait until baby is able to sit up well.

    BLS is definitely about exploring!
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    Default Re: Is he ready for BLS?

    Yeah, I don't think there's a magic swtich for "6 months readiness". Some babies feel ready earlier or later than that.

    But I also think you should wait until he can sit up alone, I think it could be a choking hazard if not.

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    Default Re: Is he ready for BLS?

    Some babies are ready for solids at different ages and the 6 month mark is more of a guideline designed to encourage people to make sure that babies are still receiving primarily optimal nutrition (milk) and because there are some physical and physiological watch-outs at younger ages.

    Regarding actual baby readiness, it really depends on the baby. For example, my twins both were ready for solids at different ages: my son was SO ready to start feeding himself little bites by 5 months, but my daughter wanted nothing to do with any solids until she was about 6.5 months. Before I allowed DS to try anything (we started with mushy sweet potato chunks for him to sample if he wished), I watched him beg, plead, grab, and try to snarf down any of our food that he could get his hands on. The funniest time, and the one that told me that he was getting ready for solids, was when he covertly shoved his hand into my husband's plate of spaghetti and started hauling it towards himself as fast as his little hand could go. That was just one of many goings on that we'd been watching.

    My thoughts are, if your LO seems ready to try sampling real food and not, for example, just playing with the utensils (ie. is he interested in your food or the method of getting it to your mouth or just stuffing anything/everything into his mouth?) go for it. Just keep in mind that at this age solids are for sampling and experimenting, not for making into a complete diet. Solids are just for fun for quite some time!
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