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Thread: Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

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    Default Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

    DD2 is almost 17 mths and has not gained weight in 7 mths, she was 22 lbs at 9 mths and still weighs exactly 22 lbs. She has reflux issues, is medicated and we see a ped GI. He is recommending an endoscopy and we are so scared cause she will have to have anesthesia. She has never liked to eat or nurse. She drinks about 8-10 oz of breastmilk from her cup and nurses 4 times per day (sometimes only takes one side). She eats solids, plenty of variety-meats, bread, cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits, broccoli and carrots are her only veggies though. She just won't eat very much. We have tried everything, avocado, full fat everything, nut butters, cream cheese, butter on everything. We even tried powdered duocal and that did not seem to help, she actually seemed to take less.

    Any ideas? Anyone else have a kid not gain like this? What did you do??

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    Default Re: Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

    My 17 month old has barely gained any weight in 10 months. I think he was 22.5 or so at 7 months and 24 even now. He also has reflux and we are under the care of a GI. Our pediatrician and the GI aren't terribly worried about his weight gain. One theory I have is that he gained weight so fast early on because of my OS/OALD and the nursing more for comfort because of the reflux. I think now he might just be evening out to where he is supposed to be. He dropped from 97th to 40th for weight. I'm not worried because he does eat, he seems healthy and he's meeting milestones. Is your LO healthy besides the weight gain?

    FWIW, DS1 is a very healthy child and went a year without gaining anything between 2 and 3 years.

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    Default Re: Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

    DD has gained little form 9-12 months, and then gained VERY SLOW from then on. She was below the growth charts, and was seen by a gastro and dietician. Now at 24 months she is back on the charts, 24 lbs at 2! There is nothing different now, actually I stopped chasing her with food and tyring to get her to eat every 5 minutes and that is when she started to gain more!

    Hang in there, and I hope that you get some answers!
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    Default Re: Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

    is she getting taller?

    I think too the more you try the less they will eat...
    You don't want food to be a battle thats for sure.

    Hang in there.

    have you written down exactly what she eats and taken it to the doctor with you?
    sometimes seeing a good nurtionist will help.
    But there are so bad ones out there that don't know much about breastfeeding toddlers and will tell you to wean.

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    Default Re: Still no weight gain in 17 mth old

    She is still gaining height but the GI thinks her height is dropping off since she hasn't gained weight for so long. She does everything else, talks much more than DD1 did at this age and is perfectly healthy. We don't chase her about, we don't try to feed her anymore, it just wasn't working. The only thing we do is after dinner, she will often be watching birds, squirrels etc, and we spoon in maybe 3 oz of yogurt. She just takes in so little that she just doesn't gain at all. Its such a hard thing especially since DD1 has always loved to eat.

    We have not seen a nutritionist yet, GI wants to rule out medical causes with an endoscopy and then send her for feeding therapy and nutrition consult. YUCK!
    Mom to Abigail, born May 3rd, 2007 (self-weaned at 27 mths) and Charlotte, born Nov. 24th, 2009. Both reflux babies and EBF. Charlotte weighs 31 lbs at 26 mths.

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