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Thread: EBF baby stool question

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    Default EBF baby stool question

    Not sure if this is a question to post on here, but clinic didn't help and the lactation consultant wasn't sure. My EBF 3-month-old is going through a growth spurt, I'm assuming, because she's been waking up a every 2-3 hours the last three nights. That bit of info. is maybe irrelevant, but she's also had no seedy diapers for the last 2 weeks. They were green, and are more yellowish again, but still no seedy diapers. When she poops it sounds like her diaper is going to be super full, but it's more like the poop just stains the diaper and soaks right in. It's not runny, like diarrhea, but there really is no consistency to it either.

    Hopefully that all makes sense. This is my 3rd baby, but I feel like she's my first. I'm mainly worried my supply is going down and that's why she's not pooping.


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    As long as you are feeding on demand and your LO is having the right number of poops and pees in a 24-hour period, I would say that what you're seeing is probably normal. Poop goes through a lot of changes in the first year, and with both my girls the seeds/curds that appeared in their diapers when they were newborns eventually disappeared.

    If you have any question in your mind, you might take your baby in for a weight check.

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    This page has some pretty helpful info, I copied the main part here:


    * Newborns often stool 8 – 10 times a day, sometimes passing small, watery stools mixed with yellow, seedy pieces. They also may have several stools each day that are runnier and more mucusy than usual. These are all normal variations and are not a cause for concern.
    * Infants may occasionally have one or several stools that are much more loose and foul smelling than usual. This is probably due to a variation in diet or may be for no reason at all. It is not a cause for concern.
    * Some infants may have persistent loose, runny stools that never seem to firm up into a normal stool. This can go on for one or two weeks. As long as your child is thriving, not acting sick, and your pediatrician reassures you that your child is well, then there is little reason for concern.
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    Default Re: EBF baby stool question

    My fourth baby has had stools like that this time. No seediness, or some seeds/curds once in a while, and it often soaks right through the diaper, if I've used a prefold, and gets on the cover. and it sounds like the diaper is full but it's not hardly at all. I honestly attributed it to having EBM versus getting his milk directly from the breast because of his cleft palate, but interesting that your EBF 3 month old is having the same thing.
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    Default Re: EBF baby stool question

    My 5 month old is EBF and we have the same exact situation. I don't think she has ever had the seedy poop people talk about. It is just yellow and soaks right in. She also has 2-3 dirty diapers a day now, but at 3 months it was more like 5 or 6 a day, just not very much at a time. I asked the doctor about it and she said it was normal for her. I am so jealous of people who have babies that only poop every few days LOL

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    Default Re: EBF baby stool question

    Thanks for the help! I do feel better after reading these. It's so hard not to compare my children and their eating habits, pooping, etc., even though I know I shouldn't!

    Thanks again for the help

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