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Thread: Info about when to start solids?

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    Default Info about when to start solids?

    I've been seeing more and more on here that a lot of people don't start solids until their babies are "older". I have two other kids that I started on solids when they were 4 months old and are happy healthy boys now. I now have a EBF 5 month old DD and have been re-thinking the solids approach. As of yet she hasn't had any solids. Like most moms I have started with cereal in the past. I've noticed quite a few moms on here talking badly about cereal.. did I miss some new research that has came out? And when IS a good age to start solids? I've always heard 4-6 months. If any one has some advice/links I could look at, I'd appreciate it. I'm just nervous about the whole idea.. and need something to convince my DH if we decide to wait past 6 months. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Info about when to start solids?

    It depends on the baby.

    Current studies have shown that waiting to introduce solids can reduce the risk of allergies because the lining of the intestines are more developed halfway through the first year.

    Asa for cereal, I think most moms are againts it because it is sooo processed and marketing leads mothers to believe baby needs more then they really do. You can actually skip purees and cereals if you start a child when they are physically ready.

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    Default Re: Info about when to start solids?

    with Brooke, and thought I would add that I'm reading Gill Rapley's Book (http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Led-Weani...2290658&sr=8-1) and while it seems to be a little repetitive, I am finding it very informative, touching on EVERY aspect and some good arguments you can use with DH, family, etc.

    Keep in mind that it's up to you and you don't *have* to do it like this, but even though I haven't done it yet, I think it sounds waaay easier.

    Also keep in mind there is a strong "crunchy" vibe on here, so while some thing may seem normal to some sound horrible to others. Depends on your level okness with processed things.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Info about when to start solids?

    I found that following a "wait for the baby to ask for it" approach was actually a lot easier on ME. Joe wasn't interested in purees, at all. He hated to be spoon-fed. When I just relaxed and realized that he'll eat when he's ready, my life improved. And sure enough, he started demanding to be fed solids a little later, and pretty much fed himself from the get-go. Personally, I don't necessarily subscribe to a hard-line no-solids-before-six-months-approach, but I think it's a lot easier and more fun to wait until your baby demands food, whenever that is. It's a "trust your child to know what he's ready for" approach. And when your baby is ready, they will be old enough to eat a lot more than finely ground cereal, so you won't have to worry about that, either.

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