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Thread: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

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    Default When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    She just started on solid food last week and is breastfeed only (no formula). I will be going back to work next week and I am worried that I will not be able to keep up with her eating habits. I was wondering if it was too soon to have her eat solids once in daycare (in the morning) and then at night when I get home. Also how much of the rice cereal should she be eating each day. Thanks

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    Default Re: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    with the excellent advice from the PP.

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    Default Re: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    Really depends on the baby. Some LO really get into eating solids right away and others aren't much interested in solids until more like 12 mo. I'd do breastfeeding / bottles of EBM then offer food after and let baby decide what and how much to eat. Also - no need to do rice cereal. We started with foods like sweet potato, butternut squash, and banana.
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    Default Re: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    I'll be honest with you - I started solids w/ my oldest at 5.5 mos, and mostly so my daycare would leave me alone. They started asking for cereal at 3 mos

    It was MONTHS before I fed him solids at home. He ate one to two "meals" a day at daycare that consisted of a few 2oz containers of homemade puree (butternut squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peas, etc), then we nursed when together. I was just too danged LAZY to feed him solids at night and on the weekends. Seriously, he was probably 8-9 mos old before we started feeding him solids on the weekends, and by then he was mostly on finger food. By then I was pregnant, and so my supply was going down anyway and he needed a little something extra.

    I never gave him cereal. He had enough problems w/ constipation as it was.
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    Default Re: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    I would say it depends on your baby. Like others, we skipped the rice cereal & started with avocado, egg yolk, sweet potato. We started with lunch at daycare. When she started eating all of her lunch + milk, we added breakfast. Then we added dinner. We didn't eliminate any nursing sessions. I would say it took ~1 month to add a 2nd meal for us.

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    Default Re: When should my 6 month old eat twice a day?

    Yep. And also, just in case this is a helpful piece of information for you, babies don't increase their appetite for breastfmilk after six months. If anything, it will go down slightly over the next six months. So you will have to produce the same amount you are now, but you won't have to keep up with INCREASING appetite. As your baby gets older, your breastmilk actually changes in consistency and content to meet your baby's changing needs, but the total QUANTITY remains the same. Cool, huh?

    Joe was a late-starter on solids and didn't eat two meals a day until he was like ... um ... ten months? But a lot of his friends were much bigger eaters. (And it's funny, because Joe is a CHUNK o'baby - he clearly wasn't suffering for lack of calories!) So it really depends on your baby.

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