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Thread: Help - Dr recommended formula for 2 weeks :(

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    Default Re: Help - Dr recommended formula for 2 weeks :(

    I cut dairy out of my diet for baby's gas and then cut soy out because of that same mucousy poo....the poo wasn't always green but it was always mucousy, and it was only like that on days I ate those soy joy bars for a snack while at work.

    And WTF kind of doctor thinks babies are allergic to breastmilk, anyways??? In agreeance with the above posts-def check out a different doc and probably try changing up your diet.

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    Default Re: Help - Dr recommended formula for 2 weeks :(

    I agree with Paige and Teal. A lot of dairy allergic kids are soy allergic as well. The elimination diet is what I would continue to do if I was in your shoes (and I was )

    Check with you insurance if you even need a referral for the allergist. We found out after waiting forever for the Dr.s office to get back to us that we didn't even need one. We could just make an appointment ourselves.

    KUP on how things go. And pop by the allergy forums, there are some awesome and super knowledgeable mamas over there as well as some links like what to expect during testing and food substitutes we love. It's a great place to get some BTDT info

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