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Thread: stage 3 foods or finger foods

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    Default stage 3 foods or finger foods

    I have 11 month old twins that were born at 32 weeks. They have been eating stage 2 foods since 8 months. I have recently started trying to give them a little bit of stage 3 foods, but one baby tends to gag on it and the other does ok, but not the best. I have given them a few veggies from our dinner occasionally like green beans and peas.
    B does great with the finger foods and he does ok with the stage 3 foods. C gags on the stage 3 foods, and he eats the graduates puffs and will pick around any other finger food but doesnt get much to his mouth.
    Is it ok to be giving them the finger foods before they have gotten the stage 3 foods? I'm worried about C choking on something because he gags so much on the stage 3 foods.

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    Default Re: stage 3 foods or finger foods

    Gagging is part of the normal process of learning to eat. Scary, but normal. You could back off the gaggy stuff for a while and see if it gets better. Taking a cpr class might ease your mind too so if the gagging turned to choking you would know what to do.
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    Default Re: stage 3 foods or finger foods

    Sorry for my ignorance... What are Stage 3 foods? And Stage 2 foods?

    Our seven month old twins have pretty different eating habits. My daughter prefers mushier foods with less chewing required. She also likes popsicles (frozen apple & pear puree ones are her favorite) and frozen fruit. Rather than chew them, she likes to suck them into nothingness. She doesn't like lumpy food very much and tends to gag a bit on it as she tries to swallow it whole.

    My son, on the other hand, loves foods that he can sink his two new teeth into. He's a chewer and enjoys eating bigger pieces of foods. He's more careful with lumpy foods and pieces, tending to break them down somewhat before swallowing.

    Not knowing what Stage 2 and 3 are, I'll just share what I do. Our twins like sticks of steamed veggies (sweet potatoes are the favorite). When younger they liked the veggies very mushy and as they've grown they've come to like more substance to them. They like finger foods generally and if they don't feel like eating them, they'll play with them. If one twin seems to be having a tough time with something that we've offered, I try to help break it down (whether breaking off pieces or chewing it a bit) to make it so that the baby can still work with it AND be having what we're all eating so as not to feel left out. Each day their chewing improves and we move on to more advanced foods. If a food seems too tough (like raw apples right now) we give it a try, fail miserably, laugh, and make a note to wait a few weeks before trying again.

    If the gagging makes you quite uncomfortable and it's leading to crying and general upset, I would wait on those foods and go back to the comfortable. Maybe try coming back to the unacceptable foods in a little while when the twins are a bit bigger.

    I agree with faith, if you haven't already taken an infant CPR course, I would highly recommend it. It might help to set your mind at ease.
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    Default Re: stage 3 foods or finger foods

    to infant CPR class!

    I'd go to finger foods - take it slow and let your babies explore.

    Some great "first" finger foods include foods that are naturally soft and easy to "chew" without a lot of teeth:
    - sweet potato
    - butternut squash
    - banana
    - avocado
    - ripe pears

    more ideas here:

    You really don't need to follow the "progression" of baby foods suggested by baby food companies. Neither of my LO had "baby food". We just gave them appropriate "people food".
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    Default Re: stage 3 foods or finger foods

    We were eating chicken and rice for supper last night and I was holding one of the twins. He started sneaking pieces of rice off my plate so I sat them both in the high chairs and gave them each some rice and some green beans. Forty-five minutes and a lap full of green beans, my boys both successfully fed themselves!
    I think we may be on our way to more finger foods. I have one who just digs in and enjoys eating anything. The other doesnt like his fingers or face dirty. I'm not real sure how to help him figure out that its ok to be a little dirty.

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