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Thread: Solids vs BF?

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    I have been joyfully nursing my 12 month old son almost exclusively since day 1. Around 6 months his pediatrician began stressing the importance of me introducing solids, as not to miss his limited "window of opportunity" to learn how to eat. Thinking this sounded absurd (isn't it pretty instinctual?), I continued primarily BF, with a nightly ritual of playing with a variety of textures and flavors. Since around 8 months he's been eating a variety of fruits, veggies, and grains (usually only a few bites of what I'm having). Now, however, I must admit that I'm concerned. He seems less interested in solids than ever and he still nurses about 8 times most days. He's a healthy weight and vivacious, but is he getting all he needs at 1 year? Should he be eating more variety?

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    how's his iron level?

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    Hi there,

    I wouldn't worry that he's not *eating enough*, especially if he's happy and healthy. But it wouldn't hurt to offer him a variety of foods for breakfast and lunch, as well as the dinner I assume you're giving him now. He probably won't eat that much, but lots of babies ease into solids fairly gradually.

    ETA: Just saw Andrea's question and wondered if there's any reason you haven't offered meat yet. Most babies love it

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    the reason I asked about iron I found when my dd was low in iron she didn't eat much and that caused a cycle of low iron. Once we got her iron level higher with natural suppliment she ate alot more foods.

    She was much older between 18months and 2.

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    That "window of opportunity" thing is such BS.

    At 12 months, my fist daughter ate as little as or less than your LO, and nursed as much as or more than he does. My pediatrician was very reassuring. She said that until 12 months, breastmilk alone meets all the baby's nutritional needs, and solids are just for play. After 12 months solids become an increasingly important element of the baby's diet, but it's not like a baby goes from needing no solid food on day 364 to needing 3 square meals of solids on day 365. The transition to a majority solids diet is a gradual one.

    I'm also that offering iron-rich foods is a great tactic to take when working your way into solids. Iron is not superabundant in breastmilk, though it is usually present in sufficient amounts to ward off anemia. Not always, but usually.
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    Perhaps consider doing "baby led solids"? It's a very low-key approach to starting solids where you OFFER baby appropriate foods and then BABY decides what and how much to eat. It's as much about exploration as actual eating. We've found it to be a fun way to approach solids.

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    Just saw this and had to post. My DS is almost 2 and he still nurses about 8 times in a 24 hour period (yes he still nurses at night). Somedays he eats quite a bit and then for 3 other days that week he lives on BM and air. He hasn't gained a lot of weight but is happy, energetic, meeting milestones, and our doctor isn't at all concerned. At 12 months he really ate nothing but BM, at 15 months not much more. try not to worry. I offer a variety of food and let him eat what he wants.

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