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Thread: Supply Issues after Mastitis

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    Default Supply Issues after Mastitis

    Last week I woke up with pain in my right breast. It was painful to the touch. In addition I had flu-like symptoms including severe chills and a general ache throughout my body. Over the phone, my OB diagnosed me with Mastitis and called in a prescription for antibiotics. I felt much better by the next day but I soon realized that production in my right breast had diminished significantly. I had gone from pumping 30-40 ml each session to around 10-15 ml.

    In addition, I'm pumping exclusively due to some health issues with my DD. She was 2 weeks old when this occurred. Pumping exclusively is hard enough, but to sit through an entire pumping session and only get 10 ml in the one breast is defeating. I actually went out and purchased formula a few days ago, but have refused to let myself use it....I feel guilty.

    It has now been a week. The supply has increased, but I'm still not getting the amount from my right that I am from my left breast. Any suggestions on what I may do. I've ordered More Milk Plus and anticipate that order to arrive within the next couple of days. Any other feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!!

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    Aww sugar I'm so so sorry to learn of your trouble. BTDT & it is so horrible I know all about that terrible insecure feeling of not being able to make enough milk and having to supplement with formula...I felt so awful, like I wasn't doing good enough even though I was blood-sweat-n-tears at work trying to feed my baby the right way. I do believe in my heart you are doing the right thing by not giving up!

    I am one of those miracle stories-I had a nightmare birth & had to relactate from scratch after some very very stupid problems caused by the hospital :mad, and when I started I was making DROPS for and it took me a LONG time to get to where I am now because I did not think to come here (even though I'm the daughter of a [passed on, sadly] La Leche League Leader, there are no LCs anywhere near me, and my GP essentially told me to give it up. I was fuuurrious...well I could feel my own Mama's strength and determination and was it worth it-the research and time and effort really paid off. I'm 100% EBM feeding my 5 month old and I make 1 quart, sometimes more, of breastmilk EVERY DAY! That's about 1,130 ml. Every time I express I make between 100-200 ml. So have hope hon!! I will tell you everything I found (I wish someone had told me all of this from the get go...) that helped me get things going once more. I also had a bout of mastitis and recovering was part of the discovery of some of these things.

    -AVOID future bouts of mastitis:
    *Sleep in spurts: I take 3 2-4 hour naps throughout the day rather than 1 long sleep so that I can keep my breasts emptied. If you sleep a long time your breasts get full and subsequently, clogged.
    *Supplement with lecithin: 1000 to 1200 mg, twice a day with meals.
    -Supplement with probiotics, Vit. B12, & Crushed Aniseed (Ask me how if you're interested in doing this, it really does work)
    -Pump, pump, pump! Every 2-3 hours.
    -Have "frequency days" once in a while (I do one about once every 10 days) where you cluster pump (pump every half hour for 10 min instead of longer periods with longer breaks) or power-pump (take 5-10 min break once or twice whilst pumping) it is tedious but strangely, it helps!
    -If you have a sexual partner, having them drink from your breasts can help
    -Have other people help you do housework and ect so you can focus primarily on pumping and childcare
    -Relax when you're pumping and don't overthink. I like to talk to my baby when I'm doing it, esp if he is laughing and smiling-it helps the milk flow to be distracted especially if you're thinking about baby
    -Hand express between pumpings a couple of times a day (I think there is a sticky on these forums somewhere with instructions on how) it will boost your production like and is generally quite quick to do if not a little messy (at least for me anyway)
    -Eat healthily. Lean iron sources, minimal dairy, and plenty of protein.
    -KEEP HYDRATED! I drink a full glass of water before AND after I pump.
    -Heat up your boobs before you pump, it helps the milk flow. Use a hot water bottle, a heat compress, whatever works. I flash my tatas in front of a space heater for a few seconds
    -Use nipple cream before pumping to keep your nipps lubricated in the shields/flanges so that they are comfortable to avoid cracking as this can effect production
    -Gently massage and squeeze your breasts while you pump
    -Use a dual pump-this increases prolactin in the same way that having twins does, so that you make more milk.
    -Eat oatmeal and caraway
    -Get regular massages if you can

    Hope this helps...GOOD LUCK!!!
    Proud wife to Paul , dedicated SAHM to our O.O. born 00:00:00 on 08 Nov 2010,

    Look for us in the upcoming September 2011 issue of LLLGB's magazine, "BREASTFEEDING MATTERS" as well as LLL's upcoming booklet on relactation!
    & A proud daughter to a LLLL may she RIP.
    Relactated from scratch after a complicated birth(BAD hospital)...
    Now relatched and & ing after 5 months of 100% EBM feeding
    Planning permanent lactation.
    A millionaires baby fed with commercial baby milk has a poorer diet than the poorest family's baby who is breastfed.-WHO, 1997
    My story-for those looking to relactate, relatch, or boost their milk supply

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