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Thread: When to give up

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    I've had low supply from the beginning - when we started supplementing to get our baby's weight up he ate a whole lot indicating I wasn't producing nearly enough milk. We've been trying to wean off the supplement back to breast milk and we're not really getting anywhere.

    We've worked with two lactation consultants - I've been using an SNS for two weeks, along with pumping after feeding 6 times a day with a Medela Pump In Style. I am also taking Fenugreek and Motherlove More Milk Plus. We rented a hospital grade pump a few days ago and I've started using that to pump. Unfortunately, my supply hasn't increased at all. I was getting about 6 oz a day two weeks ago and that hasn't changed.

    The latest recommendation I've received is to start two more herbs and get the results of my prolactin levels to see if Domperidone may help.
    1. Has anyone found that additional herbs have helped when these first two did nothing?
    2. Assuming my test comes back low, and I start taking Domperidone has anyone successfully increased their supply as much I need to increase mine (he's taking about 24 oz total each day)

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    Can you give us a little more info? How old is your LO? You said you are getting 6 oz from pumping after nursing? That is really pretty good. Domperidone has been shown to increase supply. Are the lactation consultants you are working with IBCLC? Is your LO still nursing? Are you on any hormonal BC? These links have some more info- probably what you have already seen but maybe something you haven't.

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    I would definitely keep trying- especially as your LO is still nursing.

    I went from 4 oz in January to 12 oz now (and hopefully more). This is without nursing actively (nursing strike for lack of a better term). I stopped taking herbs because they are expensive but I am taking domperidone and that helped me go from 8 oz to 12 though I'm sure there will be more.

    I would try adding a couple more pumping sessions, and seeing if you can get a hospital grade pump, or at least a newer model of the Pump in Style. Also, make sure the horns fit correctly as that will affect output. If you aren't doing compressions while pumping, that is crucial too as the pump is not nearly as effective.

    And as you LO still nurses, why not have him nurse tons more? Take a bath, lay in bed all day if you can, etc. Nothing stimulates more than your baby

    Trust me, I have wanted to throw in the towel a gazillion times (today in fact too). But I think in the long run it will be worth it. Good luck!

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    Thanks for your quick reply!

    My LO is 5 weeks old and both of the consultants I've seen are IBCLC. Sorry if I wasn't clear - if I was to justpump 6 times a day, I would get 6 oz total, but since I'm using the SNS I don't actually get that much. The consultants have me feeding (with the SNS) on only one side each feeding (every 1.5-2 hrs) and when I pump afterwards I usually get ~0 oz on the side he fed from and .5 oz on the other side.

    He is still nursing and he does a pretty good job. Both lactation consultants say he's got a good latch. I'm not on any BC yet.

    Thank you for all the links. Like you said, I have seen most of that info before, but I will look through them again when I have time.

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    I found the book The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk very helpful, and wish I would have read it as early into my battle as you are at 5 weeks. There's a lot of information to process (it goes into all the possible reasons WHY you might have a low supply), but what I really liked about it is that it gives a lot of information about different kinds of herbal supplements that might work for your individual circumstances.

    BTW, I'm taking fenugreek, blessed thistle, more milk plus, goat's rue, AND Domperidone (and eating oatmeal daily), and I have noticed results.

    And in my situation, I never managed to get my supply up enough to 100% EBF, but I am ALMOST there... DH gives our 12 week old LO his bottle in the evening, but that's it, and I was exactly were you were at 5 weeks (with LO getting mostly supplement at that point). Now he's getting mostly BM, and the bottle he gets in the evening consists of mostly EBM that I pumped the night before... HOWEVER... my big regret is that I spent so much time stressing about my milk supply in the early weeks that I missed out on a lot of time to just simply enjoy my DS. While it was worth it to me to get to this point, I also regret that I didn't carve out more time to simply enjoy my newborn.

    Good luck!
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