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Thread: Nursing Decreased my supply???

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    Question Nursing Decreased my supply???

    My son is in Daycare, and I have been pumping at work, and nursing when home. This past weekend I nursed exclusively, and did not pump. I normally would get up in the middle of the night to pump, but he was off schedule and waking to eat. So I did not pump in the middle of the night.

    When I came to work Monday and began pumping, my milk supply was extremely diminished. Did my body think I was weaning? Is my baby to used to a bottle, and doesn't suck as hard as he should when nursing?

    I need to get my supply back up in order to keep up with milk for Daycare. I had already am taking Fenugreek. I pump every 3 hours at work and at home (except overnight). I was pumping once in the middle of the night, but am afraid I won't have enough milk for his morning nursing.

    The doctor was already a little concerned about his weight, so I need to make sure he gets enough.

    Help me please. I know stress isn't good, but I can't help stressing! I feel like I am letting my baby down.

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    Normally babies are more effective than the pump so in my experience more nursing and less pumping increases supply, not decreases.

    Was your baby drinking lots or comfort sucking when he nursed? Could there be another reason for the decrease? Has AF returned? Did you drink less water? Water was my biggest indication of how much milk I could pump. I had to have at least two or three large glasses by my first pumping session or I would get less.

    How much less did you pump?
    How much milk are you giving to the daycare?
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    My son starts out drinking cause he's hungry, then he just sucks for comfort I think. Sometimes he'll stay on for an hour!!! I did not drink as much water as I should have, but since Monday I am having 5-7 bottles a day. My AF has not returned. I was getting min of 5oz with each pumping, since Monday it's been between 3-4oz. Daycare gives him 5oz every 4 hrs. I do have a small stash of frozen, but it's going to go quickly.

    I'm almost afraid to nurse him, because I'm afraid he won't get enough. And, I know the doctor was concerned about his weight. He still has plenty of wet diapers.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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