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Thread: Low supply and sore nipples during pms and period?

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    Question Low supply and sore nipples during pms and period?

    Hello mamas, I was wondering if any of you have experienced low supply particularly during pms and your period? Although I nurse frequently around the clock, I began menstruating again at about 2 months post partum. Now that my son is 10.5 months, I have noticed the last two cycles have really caused my supply to drop and my nipples are really sore too. It started about 4 days before I started my period and I am 3 days in and I am just starting to feel letdowns again and my breasts don't feel as completely empty. Any ideas about how to deal with this? I feel that this has contributed to some really bad nights lately too with really frequent nursing that is out of the ordinary. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Low supply and sore nipples during pms and period?

    Very common problem to have. I believe there is some sort of suppliment that can help with the decrease in supply but I don't remember what it is. Maybe someone else will remember

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