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    It is hard not to worry about it. It is especially heartbreaking since I have the ability and circumstances to EBF him. I think a sleep medicine would be great. But there must be something more if I have angry feelings towards my baby. But ijust wonder if that's the lack of sleep, idk. I think some people can function on less sleep. I tried being super woman after he was born, cleaning house, taking full care of him. I never tried to rest.b seems like right here at what everyone thinks is the end of my EBF that I'm figuring out what works to help me seep more. I also went back to work where I can take him and that got stressy trying to answer phones and take care of him while he fussed. It has gotten worse in the past couple weeks.

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    I'm glad you're getting help. Even if it is only sleep deprivation, you will have three days to focus on YOU and get the rest you need.

    I'm having the same problem right now with my mind racing a bit at night when I should be sleeping - which is not helpful when I'm getting woken up every 2 to 3 hours. Not getting enough sleep can really mess with your head.

    AND - here's a link to look at so you can have the folks at the hospital make sure that your medications are compatible with breastfeeding.

    Their phone number is 806.354.5600

    You can have your doctor call them to find out if the medications are safe.

    Right now, focus on getting better and pumping to keep mastitis at bay. When you get out of the hospital and are feeling better you can start getting your supply back up. We will be here to help you.

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    Hi Momma,

    I just wanted to let you know that MOST medications are safe with breastfeeding and not a reason to wean. Unfortunately many doctors are fairly uneducated about this fact. You definitely need help. I take meds for bipolar disorder, have throughout my pregnancy and have EBF my son since birth. If possible, get a copy of the book Medications and Mother's Milk to bring with you to the clinic. Then you can go through it with the dr and find the best alternative for you.

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