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Thread: in a wedding, supply out of whack

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    Question in a wedding, supply out of whack

    I was in a wedding last weekend (imagine an Apple red David's bridesmaid gown at about 3 mo. postpartum). I think I managed the bf feeding in a less than ideal way.

    Leading up to it, I knew I'd be away several evenings in a row (bachlorette party, rehersal dinner, etc). So for about a week beforehand, I added a pumping AM session, getting about 2 oz (I was worried he'd have too little on hand--which had happened before when he was littler--most of the ebm wasn't used, though).

    Once I was away from my demand-feed baby, I realized how uncomfortable I would be if we got off our routine. I got engorged a few times--just being away from DS for a couple of hours was enough to mean I got overfull.

    Now he's got green poops, since I've got too much foremilk for him to get through. And my breast are often not-quite-comfortable. My let-down has become more forceful and he's fussing because of it. Popping him off to catch some of it helps. I don't know if block feeding will do anything, since he already has one breast per feeding.

    Any more corrective tips? And what I'm really wondering: if you've gotten off balance before, how long until the feedings smoothed out?

    I'm praying that he'll just hit his 3 mo. growth spurt, say, tomorrow, and then the supply will already be there. At least it was a pretty wedding.

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    Default Re: in a wedding, supply out of whack

    I don't have any advice really but wanted to give you kudos on putting that dress on! I hope you felt beautiful.

    Loving my two sweet girls Audrey (7/18/06) and Annie (6/18/09) Baby #3 due to appear 8/5/10

    Feel free to ask me about my successful HBAC , food allergies, cloth diapers, and the joy of having a high-needs, non-sleeping little dear who has grown into a wonderful preschooler.

    Blogging here.

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