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Thread: Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

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    Default Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

    My DH is suddenly spitting up a lot. I'm not sure if it's something that I am eating or because she is getting two chompers in. My DS's never spit up this much due to teething, so IDK. Ideas?
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    Default Re: Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

    I went through this with my BF baby too. She never spit up, then all of the sudden it started. Sometimes it looked like projectile spit up and of course I panicked but when I talked to the pediatrician he didn't think there was any reason for concern. He said as long as she is eating fine, doesn't seem to be in any discomfort (especially during the spit up), and is putting out the right number of wet/dirty diapers, it's really nothing at all. He told me it could be caused by LO over-eating (which I know she started to do when we first introduced bottles with pumped milk), or just some bubbles in her tummy that would make her spit up some milk. My LO spit up what looked like cottage cheese, but I found out that is just because the milk separates in her stomach so it comes back out that way. Basically, babies spit up for a lot of reasons.

    Through some research I've found that anything that consists of vomiting, NOT spitting up, that happens more than 3 times in a 24 hour period is reason to be concerned. Otherwise, it's not really an issue and I have just started using bibs. Of course I panicked at first with the spitting up but I seem to have a "happy spitter" which is what most babies are. So unless you see any other reasons to be concerned, it's probably nothing serious.

    I am not 100% sure but I believe there are certain stages when babies begin to start spitting up more frequently. You may have just hit one of those and that is why you are seeing an increase. My LO started around 2 months.

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    Default Re: Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

    with the pp...could be lots of things but if baby is gaining well and seems fine otherwise, it's probably not something you need to worry about.

    Has your baby been sick recently? Stuffy nose? I found out with DD a month ago that congestion will cause lots of spitting up, even projectile vomiting.
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    Default Re: Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

    Excess saliva from teething can cause stomach upset, so it could be directly related to the new teeth coming in. Does the spitting up seem to cause any pain or other problems?
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