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Thread: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

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    Default Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    I need some help!
    Last week I had a really sore throat, so I was started on amoxicillin. I noticed that about the same time that I started to feel sick, my daughter started acting "frustrated" (for lack of a better word) with nursing. She is 5 months old. I felt like things were finally working themselves out, and I'm feeling much better, but for the last couple of days, we've been having these nursing and crying issues. My daughter is very laid back, so the fact that she is crying is really distressing me. Basically, she'll latch on and eat for a little bit, then pull off to arch her back and neck and look around. If I try to burp her or get her to latch back on she'll cry. If I switch sides, it will be the repeat - nurse, pull off, cry if I try to get her to latch. But... when I first try to get her to re-latch she acts she's hungry, but will immediately pull off and cry.

    Ya'll - I'm SO frustrated! And then this morning, I noticed her diaper wasn't as wet as usual and it was darker than normal and definitely had a urine smell (I did have to put it near my nose) which it's never had before.

    So I'm assuming low milk - right? I'm already trying to drink lots of fluid, and I've been taking fenugreek and have a slight maple syrup smell. I noticed somewhere that you're supposed to have something like a 1800+ calorie intake. I asked my husband if he thought I had that much intake, and he said "no."

    So - what do I do???? Any good suggestions on how to increase my calorie intake? I do eat, and am not dieting. But maybe not enough? I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, so I'm a busy mama. Help!

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    As long as you've been nursing on demand and you're not pregnant or taking a new form of hormonal contraception, what you describe doesn't make me think that low milk supply is the problem. Babies fuss during nursing for many reasons (check out this link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html), and low supply is only one of them. At 5 months, I'd be more inclined to suspect teething, an ear infection, or perhaps thrush as the cause for the issue you're having.

    Regarding your LO's pee diaper, a couple things could be going on. If she's not nursing well, that could definitely be causing the more concentrated urine. But she might also be learning to hold her pee in longer, resulting in a more concentrated morning diaper. And many moms notice concentrated urine in the first morning diaper, or even a dry diaper, when their babies nurse less or stop nursing at night. As long as your LO is still having the right number of wets in a 24 hour period, things are okay.

    Regarding calorie intake- the numbers you see posted aren't gospel. Most moms need only eat as much as they are hungry for. As long as the mom isn't malnourished or starving, she's probably going to produce plenty of milk for her babies. It's why women gain weight during pregnancy- the fat stores laid down in those 9 months are there to see you through the first year of nursing.

    That being said, many moms who feel like they're not eating enough make up for it by snacking. Nuts and raisins, granola bars, yogurt cups- you get the picture.

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Sometimes there can be a dip in milk supply when you're sick. If that's what's going on, it's temporary and should come back up over a few days. But like mommal said, there can be a lot of reasons for babies to be fussy at the breast. You might consider just having her checked out by her doctor (I'm remembering how when my son was a baby/toddler, every time he got an ear infection, I got strep. Every. Time. I have no idea what that was about).

    The amount of calories you eat is really not going to affect your milk supply. What it will affect is your weight -- if you're losing drastic amounts of weight, then yes, you need more calories. But the amount and composition of your milk will stay about the same. Your body makes sure your baby gets fed, and you get whatever's left over.

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Thank you for your responses. They are encouraging!
    We've had a better day today, we'll see how the evening goes.

    We were actually at the doctor's on Saturday and she said everything checked out just fine. Which is why I'm even more perplexed. It'd be easier if I knew something was wrong!

    I asked the doctor about teething - and she said her gums were swollen a little bit but that I shouldn't expect the teeth to come through anytime soon. Would this still cause discomfort though?

    Also with thrush - I've been watching for signs and so far nothing. Except I am a little sore, but I figured it was from her pulling, biting, constant latching on and off, and more frequent nursing. Can you have thrush with no other visible symptoms?

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    I had a similar trouble actually when I was put on amoxicillin for strep when my twins were about 10 weeks old. Shortly after starting the medication, my son (my daughter wasn't BF at the time for various reasons) would get frustrated and agitated while nursing. This lasted for a few days and I was told by a LC and my nurse practitioner that it's rare but not completely unheard of that the amoxicillin could cause a slight supply decrease. I continued breastfeeding (through the frustrating tantrums and disappointment of my nursing son) and pumping as usual and shortly after the round of antibiotics was complete, my son stopped his fussing. Maybe rather than a supply issue, there's something in the amoxicillin that he hadn't liked? I'm not sure, but it sounds like we may have had a similar situation going on...

    Either way, good luck to you!
    Mom to amazing twins! Both nursed happily until 3y6m.

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*littlemamabird View Post
    Can you have thrush with no other visible symptoms?
    Yes. So stay alert for increased pain, burning, itching, changes in your skin (cracking, blistering, flaking).

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    Default Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nicola View Post
    Maybe rather than a supply issue, there's something in the amoxicillin that he hadn't liked? I'm not sure, but it sounds like we may have had a similar situation going on...
    Interesting.... I've actually wondered if the medication is bothering her tummy. Did you son want to nurse with more frequency? My DD is nursing all the time - like every 2-3 hours. At night she does fine - thank goodness. But I'm exhausted! It's almost like having a newborn again. Just 2 more days of antibiotics and hopefully things will starting evening out!

    I'm intrigued with what Karen said about the ear infection/strep thing. My 2 year old (not nursing or anything) was diagnosed with ear infections in both ears on Saturday and I started with the bad sore throat on Monday.

    I haven't had so much crying today. Just nursing like crazy. I am feeling a little more soreness - wondering if it's thrush. Is there a natural and/or OTC treatment that I could try?

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