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Thread: Breasts that spray

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    I've read that some mom's have so much milk that it sprays out, but that it only lasts the first few weeks. How do you control it? Do you pump or feed less until your body adjusts?
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    My son is almost four months and my breasts still spray on occasion. You just get used to it - I keep a burp cloth close :-)

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    Mine spray like mad still, I'm hoping it will slow soon. There are lots of ways to deal with oversupply, but I've found block-feeding works the best. Basically, you only feed on one breast per feeding session, and it can help to tame the overproduction. Another problem that comes from oversupply is a lot of foremilk, which is the thinner, lactose-filled milk that comes out first- if the baby eats only this from each breast, it won't recieve any of the thicker, fatty, filling hindmilk. Block-feeding is a good way to ensure they get plenty of this milk, too. It's only recommended if yuor baby has enough output though- per 24 hours, the baby should make 5-6 wet and 2-3 dirty disposable diapers. if they make this much at least, it's safe to try block-feeding.

    At letdown, when it sprays out, it helps to always have a towel, cloth diaper or burp cloth to catch the spray in. Sometimes it can be too fast for the baby to keep up with.


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    mine do this as well I use a Towel and let it spray and drip into it.
    there really isnt anything that can stop it from what I have read.
    my DS eats like a pro his last feeding lasted about 45 minutes.

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