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Thread: Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

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    Exclamation Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

    I have been using an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra for the last six months and today during my lunch pump it stopped working. I turn it on, the light turns on, it sounds like it is about to start, you hear a whistle and then it just stops. There is no suction. Any recommendations on what could be wrong or how I could get it to work? I called Ameda but they close 5pm eastern time and I am in CA.
    I need to pump tonight because I am about to leave to school and I have internship tomorrow all day!!!!

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    Default Re: Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

    Hope you got things sorted out! You might consider brushing up on manual expression in case you ever get in a bind like that again. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it

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    Default Re: Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

    Aww Mama
    De and reattaching the tubing again and see if that helps-sometimes my Lactaline model gets a similar problem because the tubing has come only very slightly loose from the socket (to where it is barely visibly noticeable). Also, if it is even the *tiniest* bit kinked, this can effect the suction big time.
    Making sure the mains lead isn't twisted anywhere
    Making sure that the membranes are fully attached and don't have any tears or stretches in them

    I do recommend learning hand expression as well, it has gotten me out of jams as well and there is nothing fun about a plugged duct/having to rebuild one's milk supply.

    Another thing I recommend doing in the meantime if none of the above worked for fixing your pump is to try calling a licensed distributor of Ameda in another country that is in a time zone ahead of yours so that you do not have to wait as long to speak to them.
    Here in the UK (which is 8 hours ahead of you there in California) the following numbers can help:
    Jeanette Cassidy, Health Visitor and Healthcare Products specialist at pumps4mums.co.uk
    (44)1922 458 244
    Product info
    Richard Cassidy -
    email: info@richardcassidy.co.uk
    Office: 01922 458 244
    Mobile: 07872 057 018
    ------This couple is very nice, friendly and informative. You can probably try calling them in about 3 hours from now.

    Or for even faster, maybe you could try calling a distributor in Australia or something that might be open now? Or somewhere in mainland Europe, they are an hour ahead of us here in the UK.

    I really hope this can help you hun please keep us posted!!
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    Default Re: Ameda Pump not working and need suggestions

    this is exactly what happened with my playtex petite. something in the motor stopped doing the suck-release or something like that. it just ran, but didnt suck. if you have a wrrenty you should beable to get it repaired/replaced
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