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Thread: Vicodin?

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    Unhappy Vicodin?

    So I have been going to my dentist to do a root canal, today they were supposed to finish but said they have to refer me to a specialist in order to get it complete. I have been in excruciating pain, I mean pain like I've never felt before for the past weeks on and off last night being the worst. Long story short, my dentist prescribed vicodin to manage the pain. I called my dr. to ask her if it was safe during breastfeeding and she said it was ok, it was level 3. Has anyone been on vicodin or other pain killers while breastfeeding? i have some milk pumped but she won't take the bottle from me. I feel bad about taking the meds, but I can't bare anymore pain.

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    I was on vicodin before, during, and after the birth of my son. I was also on percocet, which is stronger. Both are ok to use while bf'ing. I think the main thing to watch for is sleepiness with the child. You can get more info on infantrisk.com or by calling them.
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    Here's what Hale says:

    Most authors suggest that doses of 5 mg every 4 hours or more has a minimal effect on nursing infants, particularly older infants. However, no data on hydrocodone levels in milk are available. To reduce exposure of the infant, attempt to feed infant prior to taking the medication. Neonates may be more sensitive to this product, observe for sedation or constipation.
    It also says that no side effects have been reported in babies who have had exposure to the medication through milk, but to watch for sedation, apnea, and constipation (as things that are potential concerns, but haven't been reported in real world cases).

    I second nolies.mama's suggestion to call InfantRisk (806-352-2519). They may be able to tell you more and give more specific suggestions about how to minimize your baby's exposure.

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    I was on percocet and oxycontin after each of my sections. My second baby was affected more - very sleepy, difficult to nurse, delayed milk coming in, etc.

    Vicodin is acetaminophen plus hydrocodone, right? You could talk to your dentist about also taking ibuprofen. Sometimes adding an anti-inflammatory can really help when given w/ narcotics - you may not have to take as much of the narcotic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jeno;1114977

    Vicodin is acetaminophen plus hydrocodone, right? You could talk to your dentist about also taking ibuprofen. Sometimes adding an anti-inflammatory can really help when given w/ narcotics - you may not have to take as [i
    much[/i] of the narcotic.
    I had to take vicodin when Max was only three months,and i also had to take it during pregnancy and didn't notice any affect on him. But I agree with quoted - I would alternate between vicodin and ibuprofen (every three hours) so i could stretch out the need for the stronger med. All of my doctors assured me it was safe.
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    I was on Vicodin for a month after the birth of my son for the c-section. I didn't see a problem. I DID have a very sleepy newborn. But I never saw the fact that he was sleepy as a problem. If you have pain take what you need. after about 45hours of back labor I took some morphine. Not exactly a drug free day. BUT it was the only rest I got during the entire 57 hours. So if your pain is WORSE than when you were in labor, take the meds you need to function.

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    I was on percocet for a few weeks after my c-section with Lilah. She was a sleepy newborn as well. But Beatrix was born by VBAC, only took Ibuprofin after she was born and she slept all the time. Much longer than Lilah, and until she was about 6 weeks old.

    Newborns are pretty sleepy.

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