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Thread: What is causing her constipation?

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    Default What is causing her constipation?

    My poor LO is very constipated. She hasn't had a soft bowel movement since Monday and when she does go it is hardt(bad sign!). She strains all day long to pass a poop, but seems otherwise the same happy little girl (happy, active, doesn't cry when she strains to poop, etc.). She is still having several wet diapers a day.

    We started solids 4 weeks ago, and have introduced bannanas, avocado, yams, pears and egg yolk (in that order). I don't think the egg yolk is the culprit, because we only gave her a small bit of egg 3 days ago, and her constipation started well before then. Bananas did seem to cause her some problems so we eliminated those fairly early on and she had been pooping fine for a couple weeks after bananas were eliminated. That leaves avocads, yams or pears. Pears i think can be ruled out, and avocado is supposed to be an easier to digest form of iron. So, is it the yams?? There's so much conflicting information online, some say yams are binding and some say no. At this point, I have completely eliminated solids and she's back to strictly breastmilk with 2 tablespoons of prune juice a day. After two days we've seen a slight improvement. Any ideas on how long this will take for her to work it out? Should I be calling a doctor? I'm getting very concerned and would appreciate any information. TIA!
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    Default Re: What is causing her constipation?

    I went through this with my baby, and since all he was eating at the time was yams, I'm pretty sure that was it

    I gave him two oz of juice twice a day until his stools improved; I would dilute it with equal parts water. It took a couple of weeks, then his stools softened and I stopped the juice.

    Of note, after that I was able to give him yams and bananas again with no problem. It was kind of like his body just needed to adjust or something?
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    Default Re: What is causing her constipation?

    My daughter is 10 months, and had initial issues with constipation when we first started on solids. I called the nurse and she said both bananas and rice are constipating. We cut out all bananas and started going more for fruit and veggie purees (I've been making my own baby food) and less on the rice cereal. I also cooked up some prunes and made puree, and she gets about half a cube mixed into her oatmeal in the morning.

    If it gets really bad (like rabbit pellets), the nurse told me to mix 2 teaspoons of corn syrup in with her milk twice a day, and then once the next day. That will help. A little apple juice can also help. Good luck!

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    Default Re: What is causing her constipation?

    i agree its probably the yams. we had problems with constipation when starting solids also, they just slowed her down a lot (going every day to once a week) it did get better and now shes every 3 or 4 days normally. it took a few months for her system to really get adjusted to the solids, so you might be in for a long ride!

    what worked great for us was prune puree (they also sell it in jars already if you dont want to make it) every other day. also giving a small amount of water with meals helped a bit. once you notice the constipation it might be 'too late' to instantly fix it with juice, so we just kept prunes as a permanent part of her diet since they worked for her. now that she's enjoying finger foods I give her small chopped up prunes and she loves them, like candy!

    i think the other p foods also help out with moving things along: pears, peaches, plums, etc. but my LO never liked pears and peaches as much.
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    Default Re: What is causing her constipation?

    try introducing the 'p' foods. They are easily digestable and natural soften the stool...prunes, pears, peaches, plums. Bananas are binding so you were right to limit them.
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