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Thread: Gall stones and Breastfeeding

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*LLLKaren View Post
    It's actually unlikely you'd have to stop breastfeeding because of pain medication. Most are compatible with breastfeeding. If you can find out what meds they're going to give you we can help you get more info.

    dh gave ds2 a bottle of expressed milk right before I was out of recovery, so he did not want to eat. DH had no idea when I would be out of recovery so he was just doing the best he could. It was actually later that evening before ds2 was interested in nursing. Once I was home, I think I did fine with over the counter pain medications and did not need super strong meds.

    I would find out as much as the surgeons can tell you about your particular gallstones. While I was fortunate enough to have outpatient surgery, my SIL had gallbladder surgery and due to the adhesions from her frequent gallbladder attacks had a much rougher recovery.
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    I was happy to stumble upon this thread. I've had increasing symptoms since I was ~ 7 months pregnant (while pregnant, I figured it was just baby getting "all up in my business" and dismissed it). I've had a couple of episodes since (DS is now ~3.5 mths), with the one happening this week being, by far, the most severe.

    I (thankfully?) don't have a fever, and my bloodwork came back ok, but I am in substantial pain, am regularly nauseous, and have to wait ~ 2 weeks for a diagnostic U/S to see what is going on. I was told that, for now, it is a matter of diet, continued monitoring, and pain control. I'm having a hard time with diet, as I've received conflicting information from 4 different practitioners. I'm sticking with no "high fat" foods, others in moderation, and am keeping a food diary, avoiding known GB problem foods (eggs, pork, fowl, onions, etc), and am eating more "GB friendly" foods (avocado, starches, etc).

    I was told that my pain control options were limited, due to DS being EBF. I was given Buscopan to help with spasming (the likely cause of the pain), but was told that though it wasn't very effective, that is all I can do unless I end BF. I have taken some IBU only when things have gotten really bad, as I was previously told it was ok (current attending prefers otherwise).

    It's hard to care for DS when in this kind of pain, and something has to change. We've had frequent "bed-in's", which has led to a fussier little man (he's a very alert and busy boy). I'm frustrated, as we've worked so hard to become happily EBF (feeding issues over the first 2 mths, and regular breast issues over much of the last), and I don't want to quit after all that work.

    Apologies for the novella - recognizing that I'll still continue the dialogue with my healthcare peeps, I'm wondering how others have coped in similar situations. Thanks, and good luck to all!

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    I'm glad this thread has been of use to someone other than me.

    So I changed my diet, which prevented attacks until today, and I think I may just have overeaten. The problem is now my baby is fussy almost all of the time and I think his problems are digestion-related. He strains at his diapers all day and usually has one session of soiling diapers in the afternoon/evening. It comes out pretty goopy, almost like pudding at one point when it had been more than 24 hours since his last.

    He's still wetting them frequently and from the quantity of poop I'm not worried about his level of intake; just after he's finished with making he's in a much better mood and his eyes are bright, and he doesn't eat his hand as if he were hungry.

    In fact, a good deal of the time he will start to nurse now and then pull away and turn completely away from me, then turn back and nurse again. When I catch him sleepy or in the middle of the night (he still wakes up once and sometimes twice) he eats just fine.

    It's a pretty radical shift from my diet before. My current range of food consists of:

    Peaches (frozen sliced)
    Toasted Seaweed (in small amounts; I make my own california rolls.)

    Whole wheat bread
    Shredded wheat (with no salt or sugar added)
    Rice Milk (original)

    Low fat sliced turkey
    Imitation crab (made from pollock, I think, cold water fish)
    Soy Milk (vanilla)

    Condiments (in small quantities):
    Sesame seeds
    Fat free mayo
    Soy sauce

    I think it's all the extra fiber, which exists in nearly everything I eat now. Is there anything I can do to make it easier on my LO? Does anyone know of an incredibly bland diet that can nevertheless produce nice safe non-stomach-cramping milk for my sweet boy? I feel horribly guilty, but I don't want to give up BFing. IT was so much work on both sides to get it going.
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