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Thread: 11 mo old only wants pacifier

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    I am having SUCH a rough time right now. My daughter is getting over a cold (had 102.5 degree fever for 3 days plus a super runny nose, yesterday was her 1st day fever free) and I had a sinus infection and a double ear infection. Plus, my daughter has 4 teeth coming in. Perfect storm, right? I had been trying to gently wean her off the pacifier right before this cold came, but now it's ALL she wants. She isn't really nursing (so I am pumping every 3 hours desperately trying to keep my supply up), I am walking around the house with my breasts exposed and she wants NOTHING to do with them. All she wants is her pacifier. Is this just a phase? Do I just need to take the pacifiers away and deal with the temper tantrums that I know will ensue? I used to be able to nurse her down for her naps and she will not even let me anymore! It is breaking my heart. I cannot believe she wants that stupid piece of plastic instead of my breast. I need some help ladies. Any ideas are welcome.

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    Hi, the links at the bottom of this page might be especially helpful.

    and this too which is a Q&A from Dr Sears:
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